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NOM spends six figures on North Carolina's Hagan/Tillis US Senate race

by Jeremy Hooper

Considering it was the last state they "won" (until they lost it) and considering they developed a lot of close ties there, the National Organization For Marriage is surely hoping they can muster some sway in the Tar Heel state in order to oust incumbent US Senator Kay Hagan, a Democrat who supports marriage equality. To aid this cause, NOM has already spent six figures on mailers opposing Hagan and supporting her opponent, anti-equality Republican Thom Tillis

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 At 5.41.19 Pm

I haven't seen the mailer. But if it's honest, it will remind North Carolinians of all the time, money, and resources NOM forced them to waste on a marriage amendment that was always going to be found unconstitutional. I'm sure some would like a heads up, lest they allow themselves to be led into other costly mistake that will inevitably need correction.

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Idaho wedding venue can be discriminatory so long as it sticks to new business model

by Jeremy Hooper

The Hitching Post, the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, for-profit wedding chapel that has been the subject of one of the most spun-up and twisted "news" stories of this week, will be free to deny same-sex couples. That is, if they stick to their new business model (which is not their old business model) of only performing religious weddings:

Coeur d'Alene Says Hitching Post Is Exempt From Gay Rights Law [Boise State Public Radio]

Which is totally fine. In fact, that was the gist of my post from back in May, when I first learned that this business even existed. Religious ceremonies are one thing; however, if you are running a business that sells all kinds of secular services 201410241144 and does not make faith a requirement, then you are a different entity. You can't have it both ways.

The issue now, all across the country, is going to be ensuring that businesses like this are truly fulfilling the requirements of being a religious venue (or "religious corporation"). I suspect many will try to claim they are even while still benefitting from the lucre of the secular world in a way that goes against their business operating agreement. They're not going to be able to just nail up a cross and say, "Welp, we're covered by Jesus." There is going to be a standard—one that deeply committed Christians should insist on even more than civil equality activists.


*NOTE: One question I still have is why this business ever came into the news back in May, well before Idaho actually had same-sex marriage. My suspicion, which I cannot prove, is that the anti-LGBT movement put them up to it. I can't understand why the business would have gone to the press with such a preemptive strike unless they were planning this whole campaign that followed almost immediately after Idaho achieved equality. Not only do I suspect (but again, cannot prove and am not claiming to prove) that the Knapps had outside help, but I also suspect that there are many, many, many more business owners across the nation who they anti-LGBT movement is tapping for such purposes.

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Sunday in Houston: Activists mad that churches were noted for their politicization head to a church—to politicize

by Jeremy Hooper

The request, made to five pastors who have been on the front lines of an attempt to rollback a nondiscrimination law in the city of Houston, was essentially standard legal procedure. The subpoenas sought any instructions on filing petitions that these pastors might have delivered during their sermons, since the filing of petitions is at the center of the lawsuit. Even so, the mayor (who had not seen the filing prior to the media circus) said she did see the language within as somewhat broad and was willing to refile. She has since made that happen.

But leave it the professionally social conservative, a movement that seems as focused these days on dumbing down every conversation as they ever were in actually stopping LGBT rights, to keep beating their B.S.-laden drum even after the mayor and the city did precisely what they asked. This coming Sunday, some of the nation's most anti-gay activists, a Fox News personality who has made spinning fake stories of supposed anti-gay persecution his journalistic beat, and no fewer than four reality TV personalities (or would-be reality TV personalities in the case of the Benhams) who have damaged their brand through their outward hostility toward LGBT rights and people will gather in Houston to continue to politicize church engagement in America:


Why is anyone contesting a lawsuit brought by anti-LGBT activists even nominally interested in sermons? Well, because these churches are where the majority of the political activity against us takes place! These pastors are the ones who have made it their mission to shape CIVIL policy. Mayor Parker's legal team wasn't even slightly interested in whether or not these five pastors were preaching against her or her "lifestyle;" I'm sure she suspects they do that on the weekly! Instead, they only wanted to know if these pastors were using their sermons to talk to their congregants about the petition at the heart of the lawsuit. That is what you do during the discovery phase of a legal contest: you discover what the other side has, in fact, said and done so that you can match that up with the claims of the suit.

And yet here we have these political activists yet again taking to a church so that they can score political points against this out lesbian mayor and, by extension, LGBT rights activists everywhere? It is completely and utterly gross.

But even worse is the way this movement has now turned itself into an army that seriously seems like it is at work with rational, reasonable conversation on topics that are more complex than "GAY. BAD. VICTIM. US." Any time any situation like this comes to light, they just start screaming and stomping their feet. There is no pause. There is no deep breath. There is no accepting "yes" as an answer when even the mayor herelf agrees that the language could be reworded in order to please all parties. They just keep the noise machine going in hopes of riling up base anger from an angry base. It is aggressive anti-intellectualism on speed!

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Lisa Kudrow thinks my website title is modest, at best

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 At 8.14.18 PmLisa Kudrow, never a stranger to gay fans, has a theory about gay men. Here goes:

“I don't know who I'm going to offend by leaving them out,” she began, “but I need to say that I think gay men are superior beings in my mind. I do believe that.”

When pressed for explanation, the actress even offered up semi-scientific data.

"It's all so tricky. I studied biology and the brains are anatomically different. They just are. There's a stronger connection with the corpus callosum (in gay men). The two sides of the brain communicate better than a straight man's, and I think that has to be really important. They're not women - they're still men - and women also have thicker corpus callosums, so I think it's the combination of those qualities that makes them like a superhuman to me."

FULL: Lisa Kudrow Believes Gay Men Are “Superior Beings” [Vanity Fair]

Well, it would explain people's obsession about us. It's not condemnation; it's envy.

No word if any other Friends actor is willing to second Lisa's motion. Though I do hear Courteney Cox considers her surname to be an homage to the genitalia present in a male-male relationship.

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Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded mission of destruction?

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 At 11.20.57 AmWith all that's going on around the world today, there are plenty of headlines to which one might ascribe the phrase "mission of destruction." Here's the American Family Association's choice:

Two same-gender couples have filed suit to overturn Mississippi's constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman – an amendment approved by 86 percent of Mississippi voters in 2004.
[Buddy Smith, executive vice president of American Family Association] points out the push-back is nothing new – and was expected. "But it's coming from a very radical group that not only intends to redefine marriage, but from an understanding of the Bible of what marriage is they simply want to destroy it. It's a mission of destruction."
FULL: Having failed at Miss. polls, 'gay' activists go to court [ONN]

If by destruction, he means destroying the AFA's long-held ability to fundraise off their deep and cruel antagonism toward certain neighbors and their families, then sure, destruction is part of the mission. Otherwise, it's much more a mission of peace. And a mission for love. And a mission for registries, open bars, and CAKE!!!

No word on what sort of mission Mr. Smith would ascribe to ISIS or Ebola or war-ravaged nations that are constantly fighting to no avail. But it's shockingly easy for me to believe, based on his and his employers' own rhetoric, that he'd put that actual destruction lower on the list.

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MassResistance's hilarious fourteen-point plan for reinstating marriage discrimination: Get really, really nasty

by Jeremy Hooper

The anti-LGBT activists at MassResistance see the writing on the wall, and they know that it reads "Psst, your game's almost up!" So here is their hysterically obtuse plan for how they will convince America to do an about-face and ultimately declare gay people public enemies of our own country:

Change of Attitude

1. Understand the “gay marriage” battle. In the short run the “gay marriage” fight is all about forcing the normalizing of homosexuality on society. In their own way, that’s even how the courts see it. If you already concede that “domestic partners” or “civil unions” are fine, or that the behavior is not destructive and must be respected, then logically you eventually lose the argument. In the long run it’s about removing the timeless basis of morality from all our laws. We mustn’t let it get that far.

2. Change your mindset to offense, not defense. Our side spends all its time in a defensive posture, reacting to things. Constant defense leads to eventual surrender. That’s become our mindset. We need to start becoming aggressive, taking ground, and charging forward. And think that way. That’s easier said than done, of course. But we’re focusing on that more than anything.

3. Tell the truth. Use the vast storehouse of medical dangers, diseases, psychological problems, addictions, domestic violence rates, multiple partners, “gay pride” perversions, or suicidal behavior, etc. associated with homosexuality, in this battle. Talk about the emotional trauma suffered by children growing up around homosexual behavior. Talk about the ex-gay movement (proof that homosexuality is not inborn) and the changes that come with healing. Don’t avoid this just because the Left doesn’t like it.

4. Natural law and morality are winning arguments. If these were good enough for Martin Luther King to use, why can’t we? Homosexual acts are intrinsically against nature. The left absolutely hates to hear about that. But natural law and morality have a ring of powerful truth that penetrates deeply.

5. Don’t concede any of the other side’s talking points. This is among the worst things the pro-family establishment does. For example: Homosexuality is not a legal “class” of people, i.e., born that way. It’s a disordered behavior that tragically affects individuals. Something that hurts individuals and society is not deserving of “respect.” There is no such thing as “transgender students.” And of course, terms like “bigot” and “homophobe” are simply harassment techniques with no legitimacy whatsoever.

6. Don’t use dumb arguments just because it feels good. For example, the “every child needs a mother and a father” argument is completely ineffective in this fight. Everyone knows that homosexuals don’t need to get “married” to raise kids. And there are millions of single-parent families that this argument offends. Trust us on this: Dumb arguments make our side sound stupid.

7. Stop over-intellectualizing about marriage. Another cop-out, in our opinion. Nobody outside of the pro-family movement, especially judges and politicians, cares about the historical underpinnings of marriage as a social institution, or cares to read musings on conjugal union.. . If people were willing to engage in deep thinking and a rational dissection of ideas, we wouldn’t be in this mess. This war is about emotion, not reason.

8. Get over your fear. The 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence risked certain death for doing so. Many of them suffered greatly and lost everything before the Revolutionary War finally ended. It’s a good thing they’re not around today to see the waves of cowards on our side who are afraid to do or say the wrong thing, because the homosexuals (or liberals) might call them names, etc.

9. Do we hide behind Scripture to avoid confronting the issue? There’s no question that the demonic nature of what we’re fighting brings us all closer to God. But there’s been no religious-based movement in America up until now where people claimed that Biblical teaching puts being “respectful” and “tolerant” on a higher level than protecting children from being seduced by profoundly destructive influences, or society from degradation.

Change of Action

1. Do something! We outnumber the other side but their activists do much more that’s effective. We wring our hands, read a lot of bad news, and send emails to each other. Occasionally we’ll go to meetings, rallies, or marches, which rarely accomplish anything. In the New Movement, people need to confront the politicians, corporations, the media, and others. Even ten minutes a day can be effective. That’s how things get done!

2. Challenge and confront. As mentioned above, this is something our side rarely does. But it really makes a difference. Challenge the judges (and their clerks) who are openly biased taking these cases. Confront the school boards that push this in the schools. Confront the reporters who twist the facts in their articles. Confront the businesses who march in their parades and fund their organizations. Confront the politicians use your tax money to support their agendas, or who extend the “public accommodation” laws to include perverse behaviors. And stand up to liberals everywhere who seek to intimidate you in social or business settings.

3. Civil disobedience, I. We could write a thesis on this. This is hugely important. Do not recognize the absurd fiction of “gay marriage” in any legal, business, or social venue. If you’re a baker, do not bake their cake and be very public about why. Do not go along with their agenda on any level, no matter what the price you must pay.

4. Civil disobedience, II. Public officials in states where “gay marriage” has been maliciously imposed by the courts need to be strongly encouraged to ignore the out-of-control federal courts and hold to their state constitutions. This is already starting to happen in a few states. The framers of the US Constitution never intended judges to be able to act as unelected dictators, creating, changing, and removing laws as they pleased, and re-defining basic terms. And the federal courts have no authority over state law on marriage.

5. Work against pro-LGBT candidates for office. Why is this so hard for us to figure out? What has happened in Houston and Idaho, and similarly in other places across America where religious and civil rights are squashed under harsh LGBT laws, happens because there’s no price to pay for supporting that agenda. That’s also why it’s now become prevelant [sic] in the Republican Party.
FULL How activists can stop the “gay marriage” steamroller [MassResistance]

Sure. Because if there's anything Americans failed to realize over the past few decades of "culture war," it's that some people really, really, really don't care for gay people, our rights, our families, and our welfare. If only they'd learned that crucial piece of information, things would be different for the practitioners of discrimination. You've to it allllllllllll figured out, MassResistance!

Ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

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Concerned Women For America finally learns to call out anti-gay rhetoric

by Jeremy Hooper

Over the years, the Concerned Women For America has employed Sandy Rios, Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Robert Knight, and a whole host of conservatives whose rhetoric routinely breaks the bounds of political decorum. And right now, on CWA's main website, you can still find branded information like this....

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 At 8.27.31 Pm

...and this...

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 At 8.30.13 Pm

...and more stuff than I could ever round up. Staffers have attacked Rep. Nancy Pelosi's "surgically induced gash of a smile, which is hard to endure." Their current president suggested that LGBT youth are "probably troubled kids in a number of ways." They've portrayed us as bullies many times over. And so on. While it's true that the organization has slightly softened its rhetoric (but not its policy positions) in recent years, its history is long and content rich and irrefutably hostile to LGBT people.

So while I thank this organization for finally discovering that some who don't believe gay people are entitled to equal citizenship oftentimes use really nasty words to convey their thoughts...

Washington, D.C. — According to multiple news sources, South Carolina GOP candidate Anthony Culler wrote in a lengthy Facebook post that same-sex couples are “gremlins,” “bullies,” and a “pestilence that has descended on our society.” Culler, positioned in South Carolina’s 6th Congressional District race, posted that “Same-sex couples that seek to destroy our way of life and the institution of marriage are not cute and cuddly but rather (for those of you that are old enough to remember the movie), Gremlins that will only destroy our way of life.”

Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance said:

“Concerned Women for America (CWA) stands proudly in support of traditional marriage. However, neither side should engage in unkind, foolish verbal vomit. Anthony Culler has neither the temperament nor the judgment to thoughtfully represent the good people of the 6th district of South Carolina, and he certainly doesn’t represent the millions of Americans who support traditional marriage. CWA calls on both sides of this debate to show respect and humility in sharing our strongly held beliefs. As Americans, we should be able to debate this issue in a civil tone, making the case for our beliefs without being treated as ‘a pestilence,’ a ‘gremlin,’ or a ‘bigot.’ There are thoughtful people making high-level arguments for the importance of traditional marriage and against. Name callers distract and marginalize both perspectives.”
CWA Takes Issue with Congressional Candidate’s Mean Characterizations [CWA]

...I do wonder what took this organization so damn long. They've had years to take responsibility for in-house rhetoric that, frankly, hasn't been all that much better than what Mr. Culler said. Heck, "gremlins" is kind compared to the stuff Matt Barber used to say about us when he worked at CWA!

If this is a new leaf, then I applaud it—sincerely. But at the same time, let's not be revisionist. This organization has more than its share of "verbal vomit" for which to answer.

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'Rivka Edelman' responds to me via one of the most bizarre comments I've ever read

by Jeremy Hooper

"Rivka Edelman," who first wrote an article that had to be corrected and for which I had to be granted a personal apology due to the lies within, and who has since spent about two weeks now posting lies about me and attempting to force me to take responsibility for words I never wrote and actions I never performed (e.g. writing her family and employer), is now demanding that I scrub the web clean of anything that mentions her name. Oh, and apparently I have to find out the name of anyone who any of my commenters have contacted and apologize to those people for anything these commenters might have said. Because apparently that's the way the web now works: site owners have to find out how, exactly, every single reader processed and dealt with his or her work and then answer for it. Or something.

Here's her comment, in full:

IMHO October 15, 2014 at 10:38 pm
You want to weigh in? I will ask her to open the comments. I can’t even imagine what you think you are going to say after what you have done to me and to my family. Whatever, I am sure it will be all about you and trying to distance yourself from the campaign of hate and harassment that was launched at your blog. But let’s get down and dirty. You want to weigh in on the over 40 emails to have me fired—each filled with disgusting speech to inflame and incite and mischaracterize me. Or the ones sent to me? Maybe weigh in on the threats—too many to count. The lies some so stupid that they seemed like jokes. Maybe just weigh in on the more general abusive campaign of hate and bullying—how much do you want to weigh in? A pound? Two? Before you do. Let me be very clear. I am disgusted and very angry. And do expect to be restored. Crazy I know because you imagine you had every right to do what was done. And here she comes stealing the victim thunder after weeks of a bullying spree—the heady days of “activism”. So when I say expect I know you will deny everything. And I will continue to what I expect

I expect to be fully restored to my situation prior to the campaign to silence, shame, harass and terrorize me and my family that took place on your blog. And I do not care how it happens—that falls under not my problem. I want the web scrubbed clean—I don’t care if you and the commenter have to hire a mime troupe with teeny-weeny brushes—it all needs to be gone. Everything related to the campaign to terrorize and bully me is gone. And I mean fast. Do not pull the don’t know Rose—too bad go and meet him.

I expect letters sent to everyone that Rose wrote to have me fired. I want him denounced in each and every letter and I want everything he said about countered. I want to approve the text. I want the letters to say that X is deeply sorry for all the terrible egregious misinformation that Scott Rose sent. And then explained he is a vindictive jackass and has no platform or right to weigh in.

I don’t give a rats tail that you pull that “shocking” pearl clutching righteous indigantion—god good get some new moves people—I am so bored my eyes are rolling back in my head. Let’s try honesty. I go first: I will not be quiet. You can’t silence me. And I will keep demanding to be restored. Which means I am really talking about the damage which means I will get the court to hear what I have been put through because of the brief. I know it may be SOP I will expose the tactics that most people will not find too savory. And I will not shut up until every bit of damage is addressed. Which includes my daughter privacy being violated. And mine as well.

You were banking on the fact that you could shame me and my fear of shame would keep me quiet. Don’t count on it. Good grief your blog is so full of misinformation that I really could not care what you said about me but you took it past words. Digging into my personal life and past—disgusting, no surprise. Contacting my ex husband and other family to get them to lie—posting harassing and abusive things all over to terrorize me. Oh man you think this is okay? I expect to be restored and I still do not agree. I still will not withdraw my amicus. And that was this was about getting me to pull the brief Smarten up. What other than the pleasure of harming my family and me have you gained? Do you imagine that you were on the right side of this? Do you think people who hear that someone who grew up in LG and now does not agree was savaged and driven out of her job thinks that’s okay? How do you think that looks good to the average person? I mean do your parents think that would be okay behavior? What next pitch forks and clubs? You think you can take us down one by one. Do the math, there are more of us than there of you. So typical you think you invented it. You think there was nothing before you walked in the door. Get over yourself and own the abuse and damage you caused and get it repaired.Ryan Anderson owned my mistake and you got your apology and change. Now you own Scott Roses–but you won't because of mysogny–the topic that started this. See, ruffeled male feathers are so much more important than a womans trashed life and family. I said it was a dangerous mens rights movement and I was proved right. I still expect to be restored and call me a bigot and hate till the cows come home–sound like teacher in Charlie Brown. I happen to think you owe me–call my ex husband to get him to lie–wtf. Just hire some dude to say he was married to me it is less offensive and more respectful–I want a full apology describing what was done. And get the lies off your blog.
"Ask The Bigot" blog

With comments like this, "Ms. Edelman," I would never think of silencing you. Be well. Seriously.


*I will remind you that "Ms. Edelman" has written multiple public commentaries, filed at least one amicus brief against marriage equality (which is how some activists found her real name), and has posted some downright vicious comments that mostly attack transgender people. She seems to want to dish but not take.

I will also remind Ms. Edelman that the only reason she is on my radar is because she wrote her Public Discourse article defaming me with untruths. She is not some longtime debate opponent of mine with whom I have politically sparred for some time. In fact, I did not know the first thing about her before she chose to go after me with lies. That is one thing that actually really annoys me about this: that she thinks she can just come into this debate all of a sudden and demand to know who I am. She doesn't know me or my work (clearly). She also doesn't seem to understand how the internet works.

Bottom line: I do not care if she pulls her amicus brief (it's ineffective) and I don't care if she stays in the game (she's unwittingly helpful, it would appear). But she can't just attach words and deeds to me that are not my own. That is libelous. It is not okay.

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