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September 12, 2007

by Jeremy Hooper
An implication that gay activists are "duping" America rather than simply opening hearts and minds to the truth of gay lives

A recitation of the flawed idea that by teaching a gay-inclusive sex-ed curriculum, school systems are "promoting homosexuality," not simply informing them about the realities of sexuality

A presentation of the short-sighted and scientifically unsound belief that because identical twins are not 100% gay-gay, then this disproves a bio-genetic link to homosexuality

Mean-spirited rhetoric saying that by allowing gay marriage, certain states and judges have "lost [their] mind."

An attempt to support the "logic" of gay marriage-banning amendments by highlighting that a majority of citizens are in favor of such (as if popular opinion and civil rights matters have ever jibed historically)

A conveyance of the deceptive ideas that by going through the courts to obtain rights, gay activists are somehow undermining the democratic process, and that by refusing to view this issue of human decency as a 50/50, "agree to disagree" matter. gay activists are stifling debate.

Usage of mean-spirited dogma that says to be gay is to be "intrinsically disordered"

An assertion that gay in unnatural because gay sex doesn't lead to reproduction, as the brazenly illogical statement that "any sexual activity that is opposed to life is intrinsically disordered."

Usage of the tired claim that gay marraige threatens marriage and families

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