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July 13, 2008

by Jeremy Hooper

 Jeremyroom2Jeremy Hooper:

When Jeremy founded Good As You in 2005, he had a two-fold goal in mind. The first was to unapologetically challenge the anti-gay rhetoric that keeps LGBT people confined to the margins of society. The second was to inject a fresh, new, irreverent approach into the world of gay activism.

Focusing on the message rather than the "attacker," Jeremy prefers to use a lighter, more irreverent tone rather than an angry one. That doesn't mean anyone is given a pass. On the contrary, anyone wronging LGBT on even the smallest of scales will be challenge at G-A-Y. It does, however, mean that Jeremy will shy away from writing off his opposition as a "bigot," as he sees such to be counterproductive to the goals at hand. And it also means that he'll always look for a laugh in even the dimmest of situations, because let's face it -- we humans are a pretty ridiculous breed.

Is he a journalist? Sometimes.

A gay activist? Yes, in in his own way.

A watchdog? Ruff, ruff.

A social commentator? Yea, that fits too.

A part-time stripper? Only if you don't click enough ads.

But the label that most handily fits Jeremy is butt pirate "unlabel-able dude who wants all to be free to live their truths without fear or persecution." By taking the piss out of the cruel idea that some humans were created unequally, he hopes to take us one step closer to a more peaceful day.

*Recent national press for Jeremy/ G-A-Y:

Profile in HRC Equality magazine:

Feature on the PBS program "In the Life"

Profile from The Advocate

*Other writings:

A first person piece Jeremy Hooper recently published in The Advocate

"No Time To Cower -- Writer for the ACLU's Blog of Rights

*Recent honors:

Nominated for the 2008 Brave Nation Young Activist Award

Chosen by anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera as the 10th of the "20...good reasons why Christians (or anyone) should never feel guilty about a single-minded focus in countering the homosexual/transsexual activist and pro-abortion lobbies."

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