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CCL of Maine employs Crazy Crazy Logic of Maliciousness

by Jeremy Hooper

   Responding to an incredibly sad incident from 2003 in which a four-year-old South African boy was brutally murdered for not calling his mother's lesbian partner "daddy," the quick-to-demonize folks at the Christian Civic League of Maine say the case...

"...provides the definitive answer to a vitally important question, which is, should society allow so-called “gay marriages?” This heart-wrenching story gives the lie to the claim that “gay marriage” is a right owed by society to individuals who are in search of “equality” and “tolerance.” Instead, this story proves that “gay marriage” is in all cases a ruse which even a young child can see through, and a deception, which when exposed, is sometimes answered with brutality and horror."

So wait -- using that logic, does last week's sad murder of a Tennessee pastor by his Christian wife provide the "definitive answer" that society shouldn't allow so-called "Christian marriages?" No, it does not. What both incidents mean is that there are some severely disturbed people in this world, whose backgrounds, sexualities, religions, and lives run the gamut. The liberties in which CCL of Maine takes in making this bold leap transcends the realm of "outrageous" and enters into the kingdom of "disturbed."

But apparently feeling that they had not offended enough, CCL further reasons that:

"...the public must wake up to the fact that each craven politician who supports “gay marriage” or “civil unions” helped create the sick relationship which led to young Jandre’s murder. “Gay marriage” is no longer an abstract matter about social progress and equality. Many children are now suffering in homosexual households because of society’s cowardly refusal to put an end to the charade of “gay marriage.

Which leads us to our next point: THE COUPLE WASN'T EVEN MARRIED!!!! Even if same-sex marriage wasn't a hotbed issue, the lesbians would've still been together, would've still been raising the child, and still have been (allegedly) disturbed. At the very least, attack this incident with an anti-gay child-rearing stance, as the case has not one thing to do with legal recognition of the couple's situation. Who knows, if they were legally married, maybe this wouldn't have happened for some reason or another. It probably still would've, but whether or not the union should be legally recognized is a separate variable that factors not into the situation. A politician who supports gay marriage helped create this situation no more than a politician who stumps for tort reform. Unless he or she proposed a bill to make one South African lesbian insane to the point where she's capable of homocide, no politician played a role in this tragedy.

Concluding their unbelievable entry on this heartbreaking case, CCL says:

"Remember young Jandre Botha well, for his death may just put an end to “gay marriage” forever."

Concluding our "we can hardly believe it" response to CCL's heartbreaking attempts, we will simply say:

"Remember young Jandre Botha well, but not for misguided, selfish reasons."


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