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But Ms, LaRue -- your organization wants to render us straight via therapy

by Jeremy Hooper

As setup for a piece on immigration issues, the Concerned Women For America's Jan LaRue asserts her opinion that if you support one of her side's conservative principles, liberals will respond by labeling you in a disparaging way. She says:

# Speak in defense of innocent human life and you're "an anti-choice, woman-hating extremist."

# Speak for decency in media, the arts and entertainment, and you're an "anti-free speech, unenlightened censor who needs to rejoin the turnip truck."

# Speak in support of religious liberty and the faith of the Founders and you're "a zealot who will impose theocratic rule and fly a plane into a building."

# Speak in support of traditional marriage and you're "a homophobic bigot and anti-civil rights."

Responding to Ms. LaRue's convenient claims, we only have to say:

But don't you see the problem, Ms. LaRue? Every time you guys phrase an issue (i.e. "support traditional marriage"), you totally paint it in a light that makes it seem that your discriminatory sh*t doesn't stink, therefore masking the true intolerance behind the issue for which you're pushing (i.e. banning gay folks from marriage). So while we agree that the quotes in the latter parts of your examples are sometimes used by our progressive allies to combat your rhetoric, if you guys would just have the backbone to say what you really mean in the first place (i.e. We simply don't want to see gay folks achieve social parity), then perhaps your opposition wouldn't have to choose such bold words in order to help folks see the true nature of the policies for which you guys push.

Here at G-A-Y, we don't resort to calling you any of the phrases you detail, Ms. LaRue. We don't know you, and we try to refrain from attacks on character. We're more than confident that if we just point out the duplicity in your words and the constant way you "pro-family" guys hide your antipathy behind a mask of false compassion, folks will catch on to just how misguided your attempts at legislating morality tend to be.

#You're not the only ones who are "pro-life" --
supporting a woman's right to choose does not automatically make someone less so.

#You're not the only ones who are "pro-family" --
supporting your gay kids and loved ones actually increases the chance that they will remain part of the family. Homosexuals are part of the spectrum of familial normalcy, no matter how much you guys try and deny that.

#You're not the only ones who are "pro-marriage" --
in fact, your humble scribe absolutely CRAVES the chance to legally seal his union.

#You guys don't have a monopoly on morality, no matter how hard you struggle to make it seem as if you do!

The sad thing is -- we might even be on the same page on some issues. However, your team's "page" now reads to those of us on the left side of the fence as being so clearly written by a poison pen, that we can't even wrap our minds around joining up with you guys on any issue! It's like "the boy who cried '
gay marriage will destroy society'"; after a few such misleading screams, all further shouts just fall on deaf ears.

If you'd like to read the remaining 3/4 of the piece to hear what Ms. LaRue has to say about immigration, the link is below. As for us -- she lost us as "traditional marriage."

'Arguments R Us' -- A Shop for the Logically Challenged [CWFA]

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