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BREAKING: Wash Supreme Court rules against same-sex marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

   Saying in the lead opinion, "[a]lthough times are changing, the plaintiffs have not
established that as of today sexual orientation is a suspect classification or that a person has a fundamental right to a same-sex marriage,
" the Washington state Supreme Court has just dealt yet another set-back to gay marriage. In a 5-4 decision, they have ruled that the state's Defense of Marriage Act does not violate their constitution.

And just like that, our dream of hitchin' it atop the Space Needle comes crashing down. ::sigh::

Concurring: Justice Barbara Madsen authored the lead opinion, with Chief Justice Gerry Alexander and Associate Chief Justice Charles W. Johnson agreeing

Concurring in judgement only: Justices James M. Johnson and Richard B. Sanders

Dissenting: Justices Mary E. Fairhurst, Bobbe J. Bridge, Tom Chambers, and Susan J. Owens

Crying: Countless Pacific Northwest gay couples, who were holding out great hope.

Andersen v. King Co., Nos. 75934-1, 75956-1, Barbara Madsen's opinion [Washington Courts]
Andersen v. King Co., Nos. 75934-1, 75956-1, James Johnson's concurrence [Washington Courts]
Andersen v. King Co., Nos. 75934-1, 75956-1, Gerry Alexander's concurrence [Washington Courts]
Andersen v. King Co., Nos. 75934-1, 75956-1, Mary Fairhurst's dissent [Washington Courts]
Andersen v. King Co., Nos. 75934-1, 75956-1, Bobe Bridge's dissent [Washington Courts]
Andersen v. King Co., Nos. 75934-1, 75956-1, Tom Chambers' dissent [Washington Courts]

***There will be a community gathering to discuss the ruling at Cal Anderson Park, Sunday the 30th at 2PM. For more info visit

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