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Adams non-explains and non-proves his 'gays having sex with infants' claims

by Jeremy Hooper

   Yesterday we told you how anti-gay activist Guy Adams was claiming that gays having sex with infants was a new trend. Well today, "ex-gay" proponent Stacy Harp, who gave Adams the original forum for his views, provides a platform for Adams to reply to outrage over his comments, and provide "proof" for his infant-centric claims.

Only problem? He offers NONE. Just lots of rhetoric about how he doesn't hate gays and doesn't incite violence against them, as well as more untruths regarding gays and their lives. When asked by Harp to offer some proof, he says:

ADAMS: Uh, well a number of ways. Uhm, one of the ladies that we were with on the first day [of their Gay Games protest], her daughter is a lesbian and she found information out from that and that's how I remember. And we talked to a number of homosexuals [inaudible] and "ex-homosexuals" as well, and there are plenty of "ex-homosexuals." But I think that some of these people have kinda taken that out of context. They say they are outraged -- well, they should outraged. I mean, pedophilia is a terrible crime, and I would also say that heterosexuals practice pedophilia too. Anybody who's been watching BIll O'Reilly over the last year knows that, this is not just an exclusively gay thing. But the guy that claimed, this activist that claimed I have hit a new low [Wayne Besen], you know, I find that very interesting, because while he's accusing me of inciting hate, AND I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT, anyone who's read my articles, you know that i don't hate gays, and I frequently say that I do not advocate any violence done against them. Period.

Adams then goes into "fisting," "rimming," and "backroom sex," as if these things are non-nichey parts of homosexual life, the likes of which we all practice on daily basis. So the ONLY "PROOF" he gives that gays schtuppin' infants is a "trend," is some bizarre conversation that he had with a mother of a lesbian and others that he had with "ex-gays," who, pretty much as a rule, dedicate part of their lives to denouncing the gay community. He doesn't even make an attempt to use junk science from the likes of Paul Cameron or NARTH! He just uses disjointed mentions that he had some sort of "Gays    Toddlers" chat with "ex-gays" and the mother of a lesbian who accepts her daughter sooo much, that she felt compelled to protest gay rights. But of course he also uses only his own assertions as "proof" that he doesn't incite gay hate, completely ignoring that his putting forth of stigmatizing/ demonizing rhetoric does as much or more to encourage queer bashing than does saying, "Hey, go beat the shit out a gay."


Be sure to look for further bearings of witness from Mr. Adams, when we hear he'll "prove" he's an expert on all thing male because of the mere fact that his name is "Guy."

Guy Adams' 'explanation' and 'proof' [Stacy Harp's "The Right View"]

*UPDATE: Stacy Harp has offered an apology of sorts (*Note: Ms. Harp, or perhaps some other entity, now seems to have removed her entire blog site)

*UPDATE 2: Be sure to read the FRIGHTENING emails Guy Adams has sent gay activist Joe Brummer. Sample text:

"In the course of a few short months, no one will want to mention your name out of sheer fear.

You CANNOT tear my words apart because you are speaking from the moral low ground and because my words spoke the truth.

In other words, you have no firm ground on which to stand. You are a coward. I initially had a heart for you but you have proven yourself to be a reprobate.

The war is on. As Reagan said: We win, you lose.

Understand that quite well, because in a true war (unlike Iraq), all means available to me will be used.

You targeted the wrong guy, but I thank God that you did.

Enjoy your brief stay in the spotlight.


"In other words, I declare war against you and your kind.

I did not desire this war, but you thrust it upon us. It was your call.

Having said that, I say to you (now more than ever) that I am singularly determined to see your agenda defeated, and it will be.

Oh, and just to be clear -- he's using terminology like "war" and threatening that "all means available will be used" because of his staunch commitment to non-violence towards gays.

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