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Look for CWA to also gauge attendance of Martina's next match

by Jeremy Hooper

The Concerned Women For America are today gloating over their own claims that Chicago’s recent Gay Games flopped financially and failed to bring in spectators. And while those assertions are contested by those responsible for the games, and while low attendance has been a popular post-mortem from even the mainstream Olympics in years of recent...

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...we simply want to address what we feel to be the most important point: Of what 'concern' are the attendance figures to these gay rights opponents? Even if not one person had shown up, for what cause of theirs does this bolster? Honestly, this writer never genuinely considered going to either the Gay Games or this week's OutGames in Montreal. No offense to either competition; they simply weren't on my vacation radar this summer. Yet I'm gay; I dedicate much of my life to the fight for full equality; I would challenge any heterosexual couple in the world to match their love against that which is shared between me and my partner. But yet I didn't attend. I also didn't go to Roxy this weekend, haven't been to Chelsea in weeks, and never got around to see the recent Broadway revival of La Cage au Folles. Still gay, however.

CWA quotes prominent Illinois gay rights opponent Peter LaBarbera as saying of the Games:

"Think about it: nobody who's not a participant or a homosexual, or a friend or family member of a participant, wants to pay money to see 'gay' athletes at the 'Gaymes'…"

To which we first have to say: "Double negatives really water down your argument, Petey." But after translating and realizing he's asserting that only gays, participants, and their family and friends would want to attend the competition, we again feel compelled to say: "And even if you're right, so f***ing what!" "Nobody who's not" a boob fan wants to go to Scores. "Nobody who's not" a carnivore wants to eat a juicy steak. "Nobody who's not" a Democrat wants to go to the Party's national convention. All generalities, just like Peter's assertion, and all throughly pointless. We just can;t figure out why the attendance numbers of this sporting competition and cultural festival is of any concern to them. You'll never hear us writing a story titled, "Southern Baptist Convention Attendance Down; SBC's Approval of Same-Sex Marriage Forthcoming."

Obviously they're trying to make it seem as if the gays have no support in society and that people don't want to see acceptance of homosexuals. But it's actually a bit ironic that these kids would even use a claim of non-attendance as the basis of a stigmatization attempt, considering the scientific and mental health communities have failed to "show up" for their most every anti-gay belief. To us, the non-attendance of prominent folks at their parties of queer non-acceptance is a far more noteworthy story than are their allegations of absence at homo-centric swimming and ballroom dancing competitions.

Spectators Are No-Show for Chicago’s “Gay” Games [CWFA]

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