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Report: Rove tried to have 'gay father' text yanked

by Jeremy Hooper

 According to the Daily Dish section of today's NY Daily News, Bush strategist Karl Rove, after reading an advance "galley" copy of the new book The Architect, had an intermediary pressure authors Wayne Slater and James Moore to leave out the section that claims his adoptive father, Louis Rove, was gay. However, Slater tells the News: "We told him we have a couple of sources on that," adding, "We haven't heard anything since."

Though we hear it wasn't that Rove was intimidated by the authors' corroborated stories, but rather he was simply dumbfounded that people outside of his political friendships make claims about gays and actually have evidence to back them up.

Bio: Karl loved roving gay stepdad [Ny Daily News]

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