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Staver eager to bury gay marriage; we remain eager to cremate bias

by Jeremy Hooper

Responding to the news that two California men who were challenging federal and state laws against same-sex marriage were denied an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, Mat Staver (pic) of the extremely gay-unfriendly Liberty Counsel tells Focus on the Family's Citizenlink:

"This is not just a good day for marriage, it's a great year for marriage," ... "This case drives another nail in the coffin of same-sex marriage."

A comment to which we respond:

"Yea, you'd like that, wouldn't you Mat? But the thing is, same-sex marriage is not a coffin, and this case is less a nail and more a thumbtack. Ya see, the two gentlemen who filed the lawsuit did so without the support of the ACLU, Lambda Legal, or any of the groups who usually take such gay marriage-seeking cases to court. That's because those groups realized that the two men really didn't have the standing to file the suit, and that their attempt, while surely well-intentioned, was not in anyone's best interest. So while it might seem like a setback for gay rights on first read, there are undoubtedly many who are breathing a sigh of relief that SCOTUS did decline to hear the case, out of fear that an unfavorable ruling from that esteemed body could hurt the cause greatly.

So Mr. Staver, while you may be itching to bury gay marriage and secure its remains in a sealed casket, that's something that is simply not going to happen. You guys act as if obtaining a gay marriage-unfriendly ruling from SCOTUS or a federal gay marriage ban is all you "pro-family" folks need to drive a stake through the heart of our nuptials. But nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you guys were successful in reaching either of these goals (and we're optimistic you never will be), we would never just roll over and say, "
oh, well guess we're gonna remain legally single; let's go watch 'Ugly Betty.'" No, my friend, if you kids were successful in taking your bias national, gays and allies would protest in ways that this country has never before seen! There would be undeniable contempt, the likes of which could not be denied by anyone wanting to keep this country intact. That's not a threat; it's just the reality.

The thing is, you guys are fighting a no-win situation. This country has a history of tolerating inequality to a certain degree, then eventually wising up and correcting past mistakes.
There is a clear pattern. Each civil rights battle has seen certain folks making empty threats at the repercussions the nations will reap if certain rights are dished out, and other folks refuting the claims with reason and rational thought. There have always been multiple hurdles strewn along the path to equality, and while these have always proven annoying and formidable, those fighting the good fight have always cleared them. Mr. Staver, this time will be no different. So drop that hammer and sack of nails and return your purchase to "Coffins R Us." Same-sex marriage is alive and kickin'."

The Focus on the Family writer later concludes his gay-unfriendly piece with another quote from Staver, in which he says:

"The success in the courtrooms must become enshrined in our state and federal constitutions," ..."So that we will never have to wonder whether some judge will undermine marriage with the stroke of a pen."

Following suit, we'll conclude our gay-friendly piece with:

"The success in a certain Massachusetts courtroom must become enshrined in our state and federal constitutions," ..."So that we will never have to wonder whether some judge will undermine the core of our beings with the stroke of a pen."

Another Federal Victory for Marriage [FOF CitizenLink]

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