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The award for most gay-demonizing Foley post-mortem: TVC takes the cake

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 4-22Responding to the Mark Foley scandal, the Traditional Values Coalition/ Louis Sheldon (pic) today denounce the situation in the only what they know how -- by virulently decrying gays:

The Big Tent?
Liberal Republicans constantly talk about the Republican Party being a "big tent open to everybody."

As radical homosexuals have been welcomed into "the big tent," it has become a less welcoming place for religious conservatives and a dark and dangerous place for children.

Today Republicans need to take a long and hard look at what they have done by welcoming homosexuals into the GOP. Republicans need to make a simple choice between the innocent children and radical homosexuals who prey on them.

To which our first response is: "Homosexuals, especially "radical" ones, have been widely welcomed into the GOP? Oh, what a sly, subtle wit you have, Mr. Sheldon!" But after realizing Mr. Sheldon's actually not one for irreverence, our next response is: "'Republicans need to make a simple choice between the innocent children and radical homosexuals who prey on them?' Holy mother of frightening, you guys are being serious! You actually view us gays as if our vile lifestyles are the very antithesis of anything pure and sacred, such as an innocent child! Good God, it makes me want to strap on a gas mask to even hear such rhetoric!!!!!"
But apparently feeling they haven't sufficiently linked gays with molestation and blamed homosexuality for all that is wrong with the Republican party in the above text, TVC/Louis Sheldon then go on to say:

What Do We Expect?
Washington insiders are reacting to this whole Foley scandal as though they are surprised by what the end results of what homosexual behavior can produce.

On the one hand, we have a national momentum that is being fueled by predatory, homosexual activists, who want to lull America into accepting homosexuality as a normal way of life -- when it is not.

And on the other hand, we have this current national outcry of how immoral the acts are of an adult male pursuing sex with a minor male teenager.

THIS IS NO SURPRISE. Predatory behavior is one of the end results of homosexuality. Plain and simple.

We can't have it both ways. We can't, as a nation, be pushing for normalcy while at the same time be morally outraged.

Teaching the "how-to’s" of homosexual behavior to our children is nothing less than psychological child abuse.

We can't promote this child abuse mentality and expect that our kids will turn out ok as adults. They won't. And we shouldn't continue to poison our children's psychological and physical development with myths and lies, disguised as tolerance and acceptance, when in fact there is help for people with same sex attraction.

Our kids are being force-fed psychological poison, at critical times in their development, and are being coerced by homosexual organizations that prey upon our kids in schools through curriculums, through national coming out days, through websites, through seminars that teach adults how to prey upon young boys without getting caught.

This scandal has clearly brought into focus what lies at the very baseline of homosexuality -- that it has a predatory component that is toxic, dangerous, and psychologically damaging to children.

Read any homosexual publication and what do you see -- sex, sex and more sex -- including sex tours to Southeast Asia where boys are trafficked for the sexual pleasure of pederasts.

Oh, way to f***ing muddy the issue so that it's more convenient for you, Mr. Sheldon! You say, "We can't have it both ways. We can't, as a nation, be pushing for normalcy while at the same time be morally outraged," as if the outrage rational people are expressing is in response to the fact that Mr. Foley is gay, and that the normalcy for which gay activists are pushing is flirtatious online conversations between adults/minors of any orientation! But it is not Mr. Foley's homosexuality that is the issue and it is not child/adult sex that we are seeking!

Now, Mr. Sheldon, we're not even going to dignify the sorts of junk science you guys use to make your "Predatory behavior is one of the end results of homosexuality" claims, because it is exactly that -- junk science. You have no rational basis to make such assertions, and virtually every bit of research you guys use to back your attacks has been debunked, refuted, or clarified several times over. You guys want this false premise so badly to be reality that we're not sure you even realize your being deceitful when you make such claims. The crux of all anti-gay arguments for the past five decades or more has been that gays are a threat to children:

You kids continue to repurpose this duplicity for every new generation for one simple reason: It works! Parents want to protect their children, and they will rightfully resist any threats they perceive to be targeting their loved ones. While those who know what the anti-gay charade is really all about or who do their own research will recognize the "gays recruit/molest" nonsense for what it is, a portion of every new generation of moms and dads will fall victim to their own naivety. They'll accept the "pro-family" deception as fact, which is understandable, as it is always wrapped in a "morally superior," seemingly trustworthy package. These parents, not being either gay or anti-gay activists themselves, won't do an independent study to assess the levels of bullshit that exist in such claims. They don't care who Paul Cameron is -- he's a "Dr.," so he must know what he's talking about.

And Mr. Sheldon, you guys have become quit emboldened by your early 21st century victories. We have seen you spout attack after attack over the last few years, as you work to keep us demonized, diseased, and single. While this brazen and callous disregard for OUR well-being has hurt us in human decency-questioning ways, there has been one silver lining: It has fully lit the fire of rebellion under our once complacent behinds! By pointing out and recording your every hurtful word, we will in time expose the true face of ugliness that resides behind the 'pro-family' movement's veil of false compassion. You say the Foley scandal "has clearly brought into focus what lies at the very baseline of homosexuality -- that it has a predatory component that is toxic, dangerous, and psychologically damaging to children." We, however, say that once again, this Foley scandal "has clearly brought into focus what lies you guys propagate to make us look evil."

Homosexual Activists Use Mark Foley Scandal For Political Gain [TVC]

**Oh, and if you "family values" guys can show us one instance on this particular "homosexual publication" where you will see "sex, sex and more sex," we'll purchase a year subscription to your apparent favorite publication, Convenient Theories For You Monthly (thank you, Miranda Hobbes).

***UPDATE: Sheldon has more to say [G-A-Y]

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