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Man who demeans all four accuses 'LGB's of exploiting 'T's

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images Picture-2-55-1-1-1-1In a piece wherein he decries ABC for introducing a transgender character on their "All My Children" soap opera, our old buddy Robert Knight (late of the Concerned Women for America and now with the Media Research Center) is quoted by Agape Press as saying:

"I think we're at a stage now where the homosexual movement has to continually shock. They've saturated the airwaves with pro-homosexual imagery, so now they have to go to the next step, which is transgenderism."
"They are dedicated to tear down every moral standard,"..."and they're now using the transgender people to do it."

Oh no -- guess you've found us out now, transgender community! Because Mr. Knight's right -- we don't really care about your issues, we're just using you to further our causes. And it just makes sense for us to do so, too! After all, while the American public still hasn't fully embraced the idea of two dudes or ladies getting hitched, everyone knows they are TOTALLY IN FAVOR of those same two ladies or dudes switching genitalia. So it's just logical that we would include the "T' with "LGB," so that maybe the American public will someday accept gay couples just as readily as they've embraced those who are planning to have sex reassignment surgery! If we can create the illusion that we are truly in bed with the totally non-controversial transgender community, then maybe just maybe we will obtain the same sweeping acceptance as have our brothers and sisters who became our sisters and brothers.

[::Writer rolls eyes so dramatically, he fears Mr. Knight will accuse him of also exploiting the "sarcastic eye movement" movement for his own political gain::]

Agape later goes on to cite Knight as saying of us evil, evil, transgender-exploiting gays:

Knight believes homosexual activists and their supporters realize that the homosexual lifestyle is so empty and devoid of meaning that the best they can do is to continue shocking people.

Which is precisely why we're so aggressively pushing for that SHOCKING, SHOCKING, SHOCKING concept known as legally recognized monogamy! And don't even get us started on the astonishing, outrageously shocking concepts of equal adoption rights and hate crimes protections! After all, there may be children reading.

[::Writer again rolls eyes in a sarcastic fashion, this time fearing Mr. Knight will accuse him of needing to make the dramatic gesture just to give his empty and devoid of meaning life some sort to purpose, no matter how fleeting::]

Ya see, Mr. Knight: We scoff and roll our eyes at your empty rhetoric because it is just so laughably baseless! Most gay activists support the transgender community because we believe in their issues fully, not because we think doing so is the least bit advantageous politically. We push for accurate representations in the media not because we want to ruin your family's television viewing, but rather because we want to see our lives represented as fully and richly as they truly are. In order for any of these LGBT representations to "shock," one must find them shocking in the first place! We do not. Perhaps rather than accusing purposeless gays of exploiting a particular community of individuals, you might want to consider why you dedicate your every waking day to fostering an environment where the mere televised existence of an LGBT person might be considered controversial in the first place! Maybe if you opened your heart and broadened your spectrum of acceptance, you would find that it is NON-ACCEPTANCE of people for who they truly are that is the genuinely shocking standpoint.

Media Analyst Calls Soaps Transgender Character Addition Exploitive Ploy [Agape via WDC Media]

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