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He may not consider himself a homophobe, but he looks like a 'Ringer' to us

by Jeremy Hooper

So we thought we had left the Rosie/Trump mess behind us when we went away for the holiday break. We had every intention of letting this whole spat fall by the wayside, as it seemed to have run its pre-holiday course. However, it's hard to remain quiet when we read a new WorldNetDaily commentary featuring passages like this:

The prevalent opinion is that Donald Trump lowered himself when he lashed out at Rosie in response to her tirade against him. Among other things, he said of Rosie, "…she's not smart, she's crude, she's ignorant, [she's] been a loser for a long time."

Admittedly, it's pretty hard to argue with anything Trump said.
So, why does Rosie go out of her way to look and act repulsive? Why does she have an aversion to combs? Why does she angrily flaunt her gaiety rather than enjoy her lifestyle in a dignified manner? Why does she feel the need to alienate millions by saying outrageous things – such as comparing Christianity to Islam?

Rosie, you're gay! Get over it.
In today's anything-goes world, it's no big deal – so are millions of other men and women. But Rosie's problem is that she's more than just gay. She's a belligerent, nasty, flaunting lesbian. Rosie is mad … real mad. She tries very hard to make the public believe she is comfortable with her gaiety, but, quite obviously, she is not.

Rr PicYes, those are the words of author Robert Ringer (pic.), who completely admonishes Ms. O'Donnell for pointing out that Donald Trump should not be one to judge other's morality, yet pretty much let's Mr. Trump off scot free for the verbal, personal tirade he launched against the "View" moderator. But bizarrely, Mr. Ringer barely even addresses the Trump situation outside of his introductory paragraph, instead just attacking Ms. O'Donnell for existing as she is. He separates Rosie's outspoken "gaeity" from that of the kinds of homosexuals he prefers, saying:

I've known many gay people over the years – as I'm sure everyone reading this article has – and most of them are intelligent, well groomed and civil. Above all, though it's obvious they're gay, they don't flaunt it.

So, speaking for myself,
I see no reason to be offended by someone's gay lifestyle, so long as he/she isn't shoving it in my face. And certainly no reason to deprive them of the same rights enjoyed by everyone else. After all, the vast majority of gays didn't ask to be born that way.

OH...So we guess by being an open lesbian who is proud to discuss her partner and children on national television in the same way that her co-hosts discuss their own heterosexual-headed families, Ms. O'Donnell is "flaunting her lifestyle?" The nerve of her to talk about those who mean the most to her on a show called "The View"! We guess in Mr. Ringer's estimation, she should just "dance" around her truth like others sometimes do. She should just be a nice homo___ual, who doesn't deserve to talk about herself in ways similar to her heterosexual buddies.


Then after giving his antiquated, insulting opinions about how he views homosexuality as abnormal and a handicap, Mr. Ringer concludes his piece by saying:

It's a handicap that has not prevented gays from succeeding in virtual (sic) all fields of endeavor. And in some occupations, such as show business, being gay can actually be an advantage.

Most people in the Western world are open-minded and tolerant, and love to root for the underdog.
Which is why most people tend to support gays even if they have never bothered to intellectualize the condition as a handicap.

So, Rosie, take a deep breath and try real hard to get over it. You're gay, and guess what – most of us couldn't care less.
But we do find it very hard to root for you when you keep your angry mouth on autopilot and continually shove your gaiety in our faces. Even Donald Trump doesn't deserve to be on the receiving end of all that.

Which leads us back to a point we touched on earlier : What does Ms. O'Donnell's sexual orientation have to do with her spat with Trump in the first place?!? Here we have a columnist dedicating an entire column to what he views as Rosie's "flaunting" of her sexuality, yet doing so in response to a situation that didn't involve her orientation in the least! And he (or WorldNet) even has the cojones to title the piece "Rosie, you're gay! Get over it," when he is the one who's making her lesbian identity a point of discussion! Even Donald Trump didn't criticize Rosie for being a lesbian! It would seem that Mr. Ringer is the one with his own agenda and ideas to "flaunt."

We're sorry to delve back into the world of gossip involving our most visible celesbian, but Mr. Ringer's piece quite simply takes the cake for the most offensive piece we've seen all week (and that's saying a lot). If you'd like to read it in it's entirety, the link can be found below. Just be careful on how limply you hold your wrist as you click the link -- we wouldn't want you to come across as too flagrantly faggy for Mr. Ringer's liking!

Rosie, you're gay! Get over it [WND]

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