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It's not hate speech to seek the end of hate speech!

by Jeremy Hooper
"The floor of our agenda is, of course, the demise of America's anti-gay industry and putting an end, once and for all, to their use of us and our families for cynical culture wars and political gains."

Picture 2-44The above is a quote from National Gay and Lesbian Task Force executive director Matt Foreman (pic.), as cited in a new piece from Concerned Women For America's Jan LaRue. A quote to which Ms. LaRue responds:

[Sandra Day] O'Connor thinks right-wing criticism of judges is intimidating. I wonder if she would consider words like "demise" and "putting an end, once and for all" a tad threatening if they were directed at the judiciary by a "right-winger."

O'Connor's muddling of protected speech with criminal conduct is a compelling reason for Congress not to expand "hate crime" laws to include "sexual orientation" and gender identity because homosexual activists will use them for "putting an end, once and for all" to religious and political speech of a different viewpoint.

Hmm..well, clever attempt at trying to make it look like antipathy for your "viewpoint" is the same as antipathy for gay people, Ms. LaRue. But unfortunately for your side, our community's defense against your team's needless attacks are not the same thing as your team's NEEDLESS ATTACKS! No matter how hard you guys try to reposition your positions as "pro-family" instead of "anti-gay," the truth remains that your assaults on homosexuality are mean-spirited, personal affronts that are designed to demonize a sizable portion of the population.

Speaking to your specific concerns, Ms. L: OF COURSE Sandra Day O'Connor "would consider words like 'demise' and "putting an end, once and for all' a tad threatening if they were directed at the judiciary by a 'right-winger.'" If ANYONE was seeking the demise of the judiciary, they should be considered threatening! But someone who is seeking the demise of the demonization and discrimination that plagues their community is NOT the same as someone who is seeking the downfall of a branch of our government! Stop trying to make gay activists look like militants who are out to hijack all that is right and good, Ms. LaRue! It's so...uncouth.

Those of us on our side (like Mr. Foreman) are unapologetic about our desire to put an end to "America's anti-gay industry," of which Concerned Women For America is a large, vocal part. Our refutations of your side's bombardments are simply acts of necessity. In seeking an end to your hurtful rhetoric, we are merely seeking the right to live our lives without persecution! But if that persecution didn't exist in the first place, we could simply go about our days, non-controversially existing! And Ms. LaRue, you kids could still condemn us in the comfort of your chosen houses of worship as fully and frequently as you wish! But when you take those religious convictions to the public sector and try to influence policy for us all, we are going to speak out. LOUDLY!

Without taking even the slightest pause, we all should seek the end of demonizing, persecutory speech. While many forms of contemptible speech and actions have been casually tolerated throughout history, those who have spoken out against the cruelness of the words and deeds have ultimately come out on top. It's never comforting to hear you're on the wrong side of history, but Ms.LaRue -- on the subject of equality, your "pro-family" team is on the wrong side of history!

By saying you're on the wrong team, Ms. LaRue, we're not saying you're a bad person or that your actions on other issues are not truly righteous! In fact, we think one of the great tragedies of the "pro-family" team's opposition to gay equality is that if it weren't for the way you kids treat our community, we would likely be able to find common ground on many issues! But in terms of gay rights, we can't afford to not speak out against you! We will fully, unapologetically admit that we find your work keeping gay folks unwed, unprotected from discrimination, unable to adopt, and on a lesser plane of moral fitness, absolutely wretched! And believe it or not, Ms. LaRue, folks are starting to agree with us in greater and greater numbers. Rather than condemning us for condemning your unnecessary and hurtful condemnations, perhaps it's time you kids start acting in ways that are "pro-every type of family." After all, acceptance is the only "viewpoint" that deserves acceptance.

O'Connor Connects Court Critics to Cookie Caper [CWA]

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