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Seattle Grace soon to be Preston Burke-less?

by Jeremy Hooper

IsaiahE! Online's Kristinn Veitch is reporting that "ABC and Disney executives are currently considering the option of firing Isaiah Washington from Grey's Anatomy, effective immediately, without having him appear in any kind of farewell episode." This despite the news that Washington had productive meetings yesterday with both the GLAAD and GLSEN gay rights groups, in which he vowed to help right the wrong that stemmed from his use of the "f Word."

So, will Washington get to scrub in for future faux surgeries, or is his damage control too little, too late? Who knows. However, we do think that should producers go the Washington-less route, a Scooby-Doo ending in which a bitchy surgeon played by Heather Locklear was found to have been working in a Preston Burke mask and costume all this time....


...would make for a logical transition.


Breaking! Washington's Grey's Days May Be Numbered [E! Online]
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Your thoughts

You know it makes me really question is this really fair- not that he said the word and should be punish, but if its easier to punish a black man or POC for saying such a thing than it would be a white man. I mean would if someone had said "nigger" instead would it even be taken this seriously?

Not saying it is easy, but when battling homophobia the idea of using racism in battling another form of discrimination- even if it seems covert. Maybe it's easier to demonize a black guy for saying "faggot" because I question if one of the other white co-stars had said it it would have gone this far. but maybe that's because I'm a black queer so I can't but help think that.

Posted by: myohmy | Jan 23, 2007 3:58:24 PM

We would certainly hope that another cast's members use and later repetition of the "n word" would be taken just as seriously! Or if a white cast member has used the "f word" instead of Mr. Washington -- again, hopefully it would have been addressed in the exact same manner.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jan 23, 2007 4:14:50 PM

It occurs to me that what most people are forgetting is that Washington not only used and re-used a reprehensible word but he also lied when asked directly if he had done so. If the combination of using the word twice and lying about it once is not sufficiently indicative of Mr. Washington's character then, I don't know what is. I certainly most miss his 'character' on Grey's Anatomy.

Posted by: Howard L Binstock | Jan 24, 2007 12:40:10 AM

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