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Barber denounces, trumps Hardaway's gay-unfriendliness

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images Img4297E7C83Ba21 1-1-1-1The Concerned Women For America's Matt Barber has released the following statement in reaction to Tim Hardaway's homophobic comments:

Hardaway’s comments are both unfortunate and inappropriate,”...“They provide political fodder for those who wish to paint all opposition to the homosexual lifestyle as being rooted in ‘hate.’ It’s important to note that Hardaway’s words represent the feelings of Hardaway. His words do not represent the feelings of the vast majority of people opposed to the homosexual agenda.

It’s perfectly natural for people to be repelled by disordered sexual behaviors that are both unnatural, and immoral,” ...“All too often those behaviors are accompanied by serious physical, emotional, and spiritual pitfalls. However, the appropriate reaction is to respond with words and acts of love, not words of hate. Jesus Christ offers forgiveness and freedom for all sinners, and that is the heart of the Gospel message.

“Thousands of former homosexuals have been
freed from the homosexual lifestyle through acts of love. Hardaway’s comments only serve to foment misperceptions of widespread homosexual ‘victimhood’ which the homosexual lobby has craftily manufactured.

So let's see here: "I hate gay people" vs. Gay people are "sinners" who need to be "freed" from a lifestyle where they practice "disordered sexual behaviors that are both unnatural, and immoral" that are "accompanied by serious physical, emotional, and spiritual pitfalls." You know, call us crazy, but we're far less bothered by the personal condemnation of one misguided individual (Hardaway) than we are the sweeping, soul-damning condemnation of a right-wing leader who actually gets booked on mainstream news shows as some sort of conservative expert (Barber)! Especially when Barber's also passing along the unscientific, unsupported, genuinely damaging "gays can change" fallacy, as well as the outrageous idea that homosexuality and Christianity are somehow like oil and water. Hell, at least Hardaway didn't employ junk science and spirituality-denying rhetoric!

So thanks for calling Hardaway's comments "unfortunate and inappropriate," Mr. Barber. However, as long as you continue your completely ignoble work of keeping LGBT individuals demonized and stigmatized as moral-less perverts who are hellbent on corrupting society, your denouncements of other, more"hate"-filled versions of gay antipathy will only ring hollow.

CWA Calls Former NBA Star’s Comments Harmful [CWA]

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Your thoughts

At least Hardaway was honest. At least Hardaway does not actively seek to keep and enact policies that threathen the security of me and my children. I can't say the same for Mr. Barber.

Posted by: Steve - Geneva, IL | Feb 16, 2007 12:37:14 PM

I wonder if Mr Barber would be happy to share a locker room with a gay man. Maybe I'm not reading closely enough, but to me Mr Barber's "words of love" sound remarkably similar to Hardaway's "I don't think it's right and I don't like it."

Mr Barber doesn't think it's right and he doesn't like it. And he doesn't want gay men on his team, unless they change. Tomato, tomato if you ask me.

Posted by: Willie Hewes | Feb 16, 2007 12:58:38 PM

Oh, I think you're certainly reading closely enough, Willie. The problem is that our opposition all-too-often hides behind the fact that they don't use the word "hate" or actively call for hate being directed towards gay people. And it's true -- they typically don't wish for violence or threats to be directed towards LGBT individuals. They disconnect the "sin" from the "sinner," so by condemning the former they don't view it as also condemning the latter. For many of them, they simply don't see how their own gay-denouncing words can come across as just as or more mean-spirited and hurtful, since they're attacking "behaviors" not people (which they justify with Biblical interpretation).

Posted by: G-A-Y | Feb 16, 2007 1:12:11 PM

"I hate gay people" = the problem is mine.

"Gay people are disordered etc etc etc" = the problem is theirs.

I wouldn't like hanging around the former - which is fine, because he wouldn't like hanging around me, either. But his existence doesn't make me feel queasy - heck, I have an irrational dislike of cats. Most people have irrational dislikes. Not a huge issue, in general.

The latter, however... that's just not on. That's trying to make people hate *themselves*. Irrationally. And that's pure evil.

Posted by: El | Feb 16, 2007 6:11:40 PM

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