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Nature is anti-homosexuality, except for the fact that it isn't

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images Picture-8-4-2-2-1-1In a piece today in which he condemns Prime Minister Tony Blair for refusing to grant Catholic adoption agencies an exemption in terms of opening their services to gay couples, Peter LaBarbera of the so-called "Americans For Truth" says (among many other things):

Let’s be clear: Nature discriminates against homosexuality. Same-sex arrangements can never be “equal” to the God-ordained institutions of marriage and family. They cannot produce children by themselves. Homosexual partners cannot acquire a child without involving heterosexual procreation in some way.

Yep, those irritating “breeders” come in handy once in a while.

Heterosexual couples and larger society, on the other hand, do not need homosexuality to produce children. All but the most corrupted souls can see the divine purpose in male and female physiology. Men and women were made for each other. Conversely, there is no purpose to same-sex behavior. If you have a beef with that, take it to the Creator, but don’t take it out on the children.

And of course by "nature discriminates against homosexuality," Peter means "in such a way that still allows it to be found in virtually every species in the animal kingdom throughout all recorded time." Animals that, if you are to believe in creation and a Supreme being, came from somewhere. And of course Peter is also taking into account the fact that even WITH millions of gay people, we are still an undeniably overpopulated world, with more children in the foster and adoptive care system than available homes. But of course when considering the world that God has created for us, why consider the WHOLE picture, when you can just consider the one that your biased interpretation of Leviticus and Romans I has painted for you?

In the most playground-like of fashions, Mr. LaBarbera and Co. like to throw the fact that our love cannot produce offspring in our faces, as if is the deal-breaker in our quest for equal treatment. They also act as if we gays are anti-heterosexual and live in a delusional state where we think male/female couples are not essential to society. But we do not! In fact, most of us love male/female couples. Hell, we all came from one! However, we also love our hearts, our souls, our brains. We love our TRUTH. And we know that the spectrum of normalcy is large enough to accommodate variance.

If you have a beef with the society that tangibly exists, Peter, take it to the creator, but don't take it out on those of us who deal in reality.

Children and Religious Freedom Lose as “Gay Equality” Wins in Britain [AFT]

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Your thoughts

Hmmm... Does this mean that they'll also no longer be requiring our taxes on a global scale?

It always amuses me that some groups are so quick to draw the chalk line between what is 'normal' and what isn't, but when it comes to taking our money they're the first in line....

Posted by: Craig | Feb 2, 2007 5:24:15 PM

Thank god we can't have kids, I'd rather have a puppy anyway.

Posted by: werdna | Feb 2, 2007 6:45:25 PM

"Heterosexual couples and larger society, on the other hand, do not need homosexuality to produce children."

No, but they very well need us to raise those children. As has been pointed out by more than one person, in evolutionary terms, for a non-reproducing trait like homosexuality to exist, it must be important to the larger species. We've been described as the "worker bees" of humanity (at least I think that's what Harvey Fierstein said at the end of a "In the Life" episode), and there is preliminary research that women with gay brothers are more fertile than those who have only straight siblings. Given the high rate of death from both childbirth and disease/accident in early humanity, and the enormous amount of time we spend raising our children, it sure as heck makes sense to breed a few spinster aunts and bachelor uncles who won't themselves have children, and will be perfect for adopting the orphaned, and helping feed those who still have parents.

But to think that, one would need to have reason and logic on their side. I'm afraid Ms. LaBarbera is a little short of both.

Posted by: CPT_Doom | Feb 2, 2007 8:09:33 PM

In Peter's zeal to point out how gay people cannot procreate and shouldn't be allowed to adopt he failed to point out that 100% of children in the foster care system are the product of HETEROsexuality!

These people love to demonize loving gay people who are willing to make the great sacrifices it takes to fix the broken lives that heterosexuals have created but spend ABSOLUTELY NO time pointing out, or even considering, the fact that if straight people are naturally such wonderful parents then why the hell are there so many kids in foster care in the first place?

And if anti-gay heterosexuals are so damned concerned about gay people adopting, then why are they not out there adopting the MANY thousands of kids who are languishing in foster care across America?

I KNOW why they don't. It's because they're too damned busy spending all their time attacking gay people and trying to make GLBT people's lives miserable to have the time, compassion or selflessness to do what it takes or make the sacrifices that it requires to make some abandoned foster kid's life better.

They're ALL talk, ALL hate and ALL propaganda, ALL the time!

They have NO substance, NO compassion, NO clue and NO life!

Posted by: Zeke | Feb 2, 2007 9:48:48 PM

Great work Jeremy. Keep it up.

Equal Rights are worth fighting for.

Posted by: Keiser | Feb 3, 2007 5:04:11 AM

Well, in a short span of time, I've gone from not knowing this site to being mildly smitten. For one thing, you appear to have a big set of balls! Can't not like that:)

When it comes to Romans, in the most recent reading of it I have done, I agree with the premise of your linked page. In fact, I keep thinking it's a mistake to sit and obsess over the wording of a single chapter. If you read the whole thing - which is in some ways the cornerstone of Christianity - and listen to what is being said, the last thing you should walk away with is the idea that "some people are BAD and should be CONDEMNED".

The opposite should be the conclusion: We're all fucked up, no one is exempt - be it overindulgences in sex, anger, disregarding your fellow man, pride, etc. No person can judge - only God can judge. And, by Paul's logic, when God judges, we're all screwed - and this is the build up to the path which is, in some ways, too much to ask of humans: we do not "judge" each other. To accept our imperfections AND our desire to be better, which is couched in the Christian view of acceptance of a savior.

It's a long hard road, but possible.

It's amazing that people can read this book and come away with the desire to hate and persecute.

BTW, I'm not like a big Bible guy or anything. I just have had my own journey, and I've read a bit and am amazed that people who should have read the Bible in total can come away with such warped views.

Which makes me think they've never actually read it - or understood what they've read.

Posted by: atari_age | Feb 3, 2007 10:51:07 AM

It is so nice to see the light that comes from free thinking in a darkened world! I say it is time to stand up, dust off the stereotype , and ride the beast that you hide away from Mr. John Q.P.

Posted by: wes | Feb 4, 2007 2:12:50 AM

"America Going To Hell In A Baby Basket."

The same sex marriage if it, passes in jersey the open door to passes in all states.
Oh well. .
Too bad. So sad.
But I have to say this: it is so unfair cruel to place into the home
of a lesbian or homosexual couple an innocent child an unknowing,
Trusting, helpless who has no say to the lifestyle it will be addressing, forced
Into an unending war with emotions, prejudice, the perverse, the unnatural, these rights
Given people who are promoting acceptance to their true or false ideas,
Because they will be offended, the child adoption thing will be all
Legal? Get real, hurt feelings are nothing compared to a life one does
not have to have or be projected into. That is exactly what it is, and
What will happen. when this cruel unfeeling appointment happens.
Stop this before it is too late.

If I was adopted by same sex people I can see, I would become the
Most angry person ever and probably becomes an enemy of the state.
My life would be filled with their mistrusts, my mistrusts, uncontested
Beliefs, troubles, emotions and lesbian & homosexual issues day after day
Endless with societies opinions, my own opinions, forming, hogging all my
Free thought from becoming someone, from discovering, a cure for cancer,
Aids, a gas free automobile, a way to global world peace or an invention
That, I would not have, an untroubled mind to invent.
Please see these problems with adopting innocent children into the incurable
Troubles, of their, these abnormal, unnatural, perverse lifestyles.

Yes... There are some warm, indescribably, beautiful loving people in this..
Stage, This Arena, and their need for love is as true as anyone else's, though,
Is it worth gambling an innocent, purely uncorrupted, defenseless child's life?
And giving it to a growing, out of the closet kind of people that are using
Americas compassion to exempt them from the issues of the unnatural, the
abnormal to perverse avenues? They say rights, a right,
the right, to convert blessed innocence into a yet to be freed from sinful,
painful, doubtful, unnatural, perverse lifestyle, that is of a corruptive nature.

Please understand and proceed to help stop this from happening. Do you
not understand what I have just presented to you? What parts do you
not? Please, let me know?

Give these innocent children, (a chance), (the chance), they need to be
problem free of this and the other issues of acceptance, sexual identity
fitting in with so called normal children at school, the neighborhood,
being abused and beat for being forced to live with a somewhat condemned lifestyle.
Oh the school the teacher the principle will punish them if they hurt our baby.
He She sure He will, then they will punish the ones tomorrow and the day after tomorrow do you see
What you are giving the child? You call it love? Sure you love it, but tell
Me why you pull innocence into the frying pan with you? Besides being lonely
And, wanting to play house, mommy & daddy and babies. Oh yes
Loneness is hell and with this the disaster prone, problematic same sex
Marriage peoples who demand these rights...Must be allowed to have
Innocent companions with them to take the bunt of the load of sharing
With them, how cruel people are to lesbians & homosexuals. Share? Yes lets
Share this. Any one who gives the permission, courts, judges,
Anywhere to allow this disastrous crime to continue and to not be called a
Crime are people who are unable to foresee and somewhere inside them to the
Very bone, they will not step up and stand for the undeveloped unprotected child, yet will award
The same Sex Couple with CON GRADUATIONS with your New Adopted Baby!
When these people somewhere in the age of conscious awareness full of
thought & knowledge, and into decision making proclaim their sexual preference.
Anywhere’s, from year five, to year sixty-nine? The babies really need to be
Allowed to find out if they were born this way. Well. So they might be
Able to say. I am not this way and was not born this way. Otherwise
My parents are this way & I too. My parents are this way but I am not. Why! Why?
Are they ... Why do my parents have to be homosexual or lesbian???
These two instances are only a fraction of the why questions the children
Will be forced to deal with.

We DEMAND that you people in power use your common sense or give it
Up to someone who will. PLEASE...Let the children live & lead their (own) life, not
To be be-gifted with (have to accept)
(Flaws) in people (flaws) in societies compassion, (flaws) in laws
(We have to give them equal rights), (poor them) (they love children too)
(Let them adopt) (They are not cruel or mean).

Why put an innocent child into this unnatural setting?
The thought should be jailed for reasonable doubt that the lifestyle it self is
layered with unseen, traps, obstacles dangerous, unconscious, subconscious,
egoistical triumphs of the undisputed & unnatural, abnormal, perversions
there is a unseen cruel intent... to be victorious over a kind want to be fair people, our society.

These issues would never ever have come to any kind of table
for any kind of discussion except for the human rights issue which has been
Used and is even now being used & abused as we read my opinion of this for
Because the human rights of a baby's mind body & soul are being auctioned off to
the most orientated, paper wise those with the most legal & knowledge the
Lawyers, judges, the law itself is or is becoming the culprit, used by tricky
Intelligent processes.

You would think a person of the law could read something & knowingly
be aware or see in the mind or live action in the courtroom, at the home, in the
School, at the church, on the bus, how the human rights of (pure trust).
A baby has to trust, it is all it can do, to have itself placed in your hands,
By someone who supposedly sees and knows the right things to do to protect the innocence
Unformed, un-opinionated, natural, normal from being used and abused.
Setting a child into this daily conflict, week after week,
Month after months into years into a permanent defense mode, learning to worry about
Their Parents, will they be okay? Today? Will they become victims of
Prejudice? Tomorrow? All these surprises to share with a child
Throughout the upbringing upcoming life and death.
A child whose will was not able to form freely before placement into the painful unnecessary
Unprotected environment? It has to survive live & die in. Is a child who will forever be in the wonder?
Of why it was placed by our own State & Government into the reality of the Abnormal, The Unnatural,
These are The Perversions of The Country Of America Going To hell in A Baby Basket.

Posted by: jimoer i ke | Feb 4, 2007 12:38:26 PM

How does one even respond (to that)?

Posted by: G-A-Y | Feb 4, 2007 1:04:24 PM

Oh good lord. WTF?

Posted by: atari_age | Feb 4, 2007 2:09:33 PM

Re the rant of jimoer: I think this is what happens when you use the Google Translation Tool to attempt to convert from "Crazy" to "English." Some part of the syntax of the original language (in this case, idiocy) will always shine through.

Posted by: Sop | Feb 4, 2007 9:40:36 PM

Hello' I just wanted to let everyone know life isn't easy exspecially being gay! but my years of being out has been a roller coaster I've been with my (HUSBAND) and that is how I feel about him. I think people are so afraid of their own feelings and truth to be hidden with In there own sexual thoughts they act out with hattred. and throw in the old your going to hell routine.Instead of Imbrasing there selfs and really accepting who they are how to you exspect people to accept the gays? my parter and I are blessed we are openingly out with both sides of are familys right down to the Grandparents and uncle's,aunt's,causins etc...we are celerbrating our 13th year In november. and I have also been through the religion ordeal and Ibelieve what I believe and GOD!loves us all reguardless who and what we are. and here Is a thought!(criminals takes lifes steel and hurt people and the Lord forgives.. faith is the real key to heaven It does mean I have to live every day buy praying and going to church. ask GOD and he will deliver..what I'm trying to exspress is I have been thinking about these things to but I believe In Jesus Christ so much that I know In my heart I am saved.so to anyone that has any questions! try reading a book that also sought out for and It helped me through everything that was againts me(GOOD NEWS FOR MODERN GAYS!) I don't remember where I found It'but It is still out there. and being Gay! is not an act there is no sin againts Loving even If It is the same sex.p.s. I hope my mput was helpful.take it how you want I just think we need to stick togeather.

Posted by: Gary | Feb 5, 2007 1:14:53 AM

Just saw you on some program on TV, PBS network. I don't know why I just felt like sayin hey. I'm straight, for sure, but My buddy I grew upwith till i was 9 years old (when i moved away) he's gay. Untill i found this out, about 5 months ago,.. i guess i didn't understand, didn't care, and had no problem talkin trash.. then just the thought that i grew up with this guy, shared a good portion of my childhood with him, and yet he's gay? and yet i still miss him.. miss everything we shared, just made me think how gay doesnt "happen", it just is. I just wanted to say sorry, to anyone out there i've ever offended, pissed off, ect ect.. i'm sorry you've have to deal with people like me...

Posted by: Michael Zimmerer | Feb 5, 2007 1:49:40 AM

Thanks for the apology Michael. Its nice to see someone accept us for who we are. Ultimately we're just ordinary people

Posted by: Randi Schimnosky | Feb 5, 2007 6:43:04 PM

Nice comment Michael.

The world could use a few more thoughtful people like you.

You're friend is lucky to have such a friend as you.

Posted by: Zeke | Feb 6, 2007 1:39:46 AM

i love gay people! they are people too you know! i have friends that are gay and my friend has two moms! the fact that so many straight people make fun of gays makes me sick!!!! : P it really bothers me! i try so hard to not to call people "gay" or say that an object is "gay". my sister busted someone for calling a radio "gay". she said to them, " oh. so that radio is a male and it does other male radios. i see." the man just looked at her and walked out of the store. my sis ter and i are both straight, but we both have strong beliefes about gay rights! i hope someday there is a gay president! that would show 'em!!!!!! GAYS RULE MAN!

Posted by: wophie | Apr 5, 2007 3:30:18 PM

If gay would ever get into the Presidentcey like the roman empire our nation would fall.. to fighting in the streets.. worse, i'd hate to say than.. Beruit..
may the lord forbid..

Posted by: jimoer | Mar 23, 2008 7:44:10 PM

To jimoer i ke :

I am a literautre student and your poetry (very sad pathetic attempt it was, overuse of brackets, puntuation missing, grammatical errors abound...)

This is an insult to free verse. Your refrain was strange, there was no meter, or poetic devices. And let's not touch on how...unfocused it was. Poetry is about telling the reader your opinions and letting him/her judge for him/herself, not preaching.

I shall not torment the other readers with a full-blown analysis of that drivel you call poetry because it would bore them to death. Frankly, I had better things to do...untiul I was struck thethe misfortune of gazing at that atrocity.

Besides, not all straight couples are good. Not all homosexuals are cruel. If straight couples were all good and loving parents, why are we getting so many abortions and our adoption agencies full to the brim? Why are so many children produced by hetrerosexual couples still hungry/starving/sold as sex slaves? Heck, it doesn't mean that once a baby is under heterosexual parens they are all safe and sound...let's not forget those perfectly 'normal' couples with gamblers, rapists, criminals, terroists...need I go on?

Saddam was straight. Pol Pot was straight. So were many tyrannical leaders of the past. And being 'straight' couples they were, oh I'm sure they were 'good' and 'compassionate' people too!

At least, give others the respect and tolerance. No one is perfect. No one ever will be. So I shall stop being high-and-mighty and as another fellow human being, hope that my opinions will be respected as well.

(Unfortunately I deeply regret that bad poetry cannot be respected.)

Posted by: linxinpei | May 2, 2009 10:24:21 AM

alright, this is to gary,
gary, you say you love the Lord and that He loves you, but tell me this? have you ever even read the Bible before? how can you say that God loves you and your sin when He completely destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone from heaven for their homosexual acts? You must read Genesis 18-19, it all says it there. also, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 says, "Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulturers, nor HOMOSEXUALS, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God." the kingdom of God is heaven obviously. research what i have given to you, then tell me what you really believe. i am a true follower of Christ, a real Christian, not just a term that is thrown around by people that "believe in God" and "go to church". how are you living out your christian walk? James 1:22, "But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." the word is the bible, you have now heard that homosexuality of the world and is evil, will you continue in your sin? James 1:26-27 says, "If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one's religion is useless. Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." you are spotted, that is not me judging you, that is the Lord judging you. yuo should also read Proverbs 12. i do this not out of hate, but so that you may correct your incorrect.
awaiting your response,
stev o

Posted by: stev o | May 13, 2009 1:43:56 AM

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