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If they're gonna keep talking about Dungy, then so will we

by Jeremy Hooper

Were you upset when you heard that Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy presented same-sex marriage as if it is in opposition to the Lord? Yea, so were we. The kids at Focus on the Family, however, are quite excited with the Super Bowl champ's staunch anti-gay marriage position, and they are even going so far as to ask their followers to sign a petition to thank Dungy for his "courage."

How righteous of them.

But looking beyond the group's annoying petition, they have done one handy service for us: On the site where they ask their readers to sign the petition, they have provided the first video account that we've seen of Dungy's comments:

Picture 38
(click to watch)

We call this a service, because we were at the point where we were sort of ready to let this situation die and just move on. However, when we actually witness his immodesty in terms of morality with our own two eyes, it makes our blood boil all over again. It reminds us that this situation has not reached any sort of suitable closure, but rather is only going to be used by our opposition to reach a larger audience.

In our opinion, the Colts have still not done enough to distance their organization from Dungy's comments, especially considering Mr. Dungy was so bold as to accept his award "on behalf of the Colts' organization." Had he spoken against any other group of people -- no matter how code word-laden his admonishment -- the team would have both distanced themselves from and condemned his comments. While they did issue a short statement saying he was free to express his opinions (which he is) and that they "don't regulate the political or religious views of team or league employees," we have already seen groups like Focus on the Family try and link the team to the comments (likely to try and rally Colts fans to their anti-gay marriage side). It's one thing for an employee to express his views on his personal time and for the employer to support his free speech (which we applaud). However, when the imagery being used to tout his extremely polarizing appearance prominently features company marks...


...you would think the employer would want to make bigger strides toward disassociating themselves with a position that is truly wounding to so many!

If the "pro-family" groups are going to keep foisting Dungy into the spotlight and dragging the Colts along for the ride, we simply have no choice but to keep defending our side and monitoring our opposition's tactics. We will also continue to encourage the Colts to be a little more proactive in separating their team from the position. After all, we too have freedom of speech, as well as a thought that the Lord is not our enemy.

Stand for One-Man, One-Woman Marriage - Support Coach Tony Dungy [FOF]

**Oh, and Mr. Dungy: As for "the people who try to take one issue of all of the great things the IFI is doing" and ask, "which side are you on?" Yea, those people are called gay people, and they are absolutely fed up with the attacks that are being launched on their lives and loves by people like the IFI! When you are being called immoral and banned by your governing documents, it's a little tough to look at the people who are encouraging the stigmatization and say they are doing some other "great things!"

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Your thoughts

Interestingly, my own attempt to talk with a representative in the community relations department was handled by the Colt's "community relations" personnel hanging up on me as soon as I mentioned I saw this video clip.

A callback was cut off as soon as I was transferred to the same office.

Maybe FOF is calling the shots correctly - and while that might be unusual for them to actually not bear false witness, there's a certain football organization that is beginning to smell like it is nothing more than a megachurch.

Posted by: Kevin | Mar 27, 2007 11:23:04 AM

Sounds like it is time to let a football team know that some gay people are part of their financial support and Mr. Dung, as a representative of a public organization, should be careful what he says.

Posted by: ptboat | Mar 27, 2007 2:48:23 PM

Honestly, people claiming to speak for "The Lord" make me laugh... Huge arrogance. Also huge self-deception... this guy probably *believes*:

a) that some sort of Supreme Being exists [this is in the realms of possibility - depends how you stretch terms, though I don't like taking it for granted as "true"],

b) that said Supreme Being is accurately portrayed in the bible [Extremely doubtful. I don't deny people their rights to believe it, but the odds of it actually being accurate tend towards 0 - not even counting the more blatant contradictions within the work], and

c) that he can read the thoughts of this supreme being to the point of being qualified to state which "side" said supreme being is on in any issue [the height of all arrogance, even if a) and b) were true - heck, *especially* if a) and b) were true! It isn't really all that arrogant to speak for your imaginary friend, after all, is it?].

Once again I am reminded of the wise old saying: Those who claim to speak for "God" often find God's aims to bear a remarkable resemblance to their own...

(and no, I can't remember the exact quote... If I could, I'd google it and give the appropriate citation)

Posted by: Anon | Mar 28, 2007 12:15:47 AM


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Posted by: Franco | Mar 28, 2007 12:23:39 PM

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