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The new Ford Paradox: Damned by the AFA no matter what

by Jeremy Hooper

So you might remember last week when we told you how the American Family Association was claiming that their boycott of the Ford Motor Company was successful and that the automaker was "dropping public support for the homosexual agenda." Well, this now from the AFA's OneNewsNow site:

AFA chairman Don Wildmon says his organization gave Ford the benefit of the doubt, based on the company's actions, that it had apparently decided to stop supporting homosexual causes and publications.

We we're wrong," Wildmon admitted. "Ford simply, publicly reinforced the fact that they are still giving their support to the homosexual groups, which, incidentally, have as their top agenda item the legalization of marriage of two people of the same sex."
They went public to the Detroit News and said, 'No,' they're still supporting the homosexual festivals, 'gay' pride festivals, and they're still supporting the homosexual publications," Wildmon said.

So we're of course thrilled that Ford is not pulling support for equality and we're glad to see that this AFA boycott, like most every other one, is proving to be a non-success. However, the thing that really irks us about this new revelation is how the AFA is trying to make it sound like they were applauding Ford when they thought that the company was pulling their gay support. In actuality, the AFA still concluded last week's press release on the matter with the words:

But now is not the time to back off! Now is the time to support the boycott even more. Other companies are watching Ford to see if the boycott is successful. That is why we need to give it another boost!

That's not giving a company "the benefit of the doubt!" That's showing the company that they are damned in your eyes no matter what they do! It is also the sound of a group desperately seeking validation of their relevancy.

From a standpoint greater than business, that of principled human decency, why would Ford every stop supporting gay acceptance, period? However, from a purely business standpoint, why in the hell would Ford ever stop supporting the rights of one community just so that community's opposition can "boycott them even more" in order to make an example out of them? It simply makes no sense, especially when the monied gay community (as well as their allies) are more than ready to support companies that support us.

We suspected last week that Wildmon was only making a deal out of all of this in the first place because he wanted to drum up support for his unsuccessful boycott on its one-year anniversary. And there are some who think we should just ignore situations like this because it just gives them the attention that they want. However, that is something we will not do, as we truly believe that by covering their every move with a fine tooth comb, people will wise up to the duplicitous practices that the AFA embrace without apology. In our opinion, we can't a Ford afford to let their nonsense go unchecked.

Ford pledges to continue support for homosexual activism [OneNewsNow]

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Your thoughts

It's amazing how they (AFA), think they are the moral arbiters of our country. I wonder however in their vast wisdom if they made plans for all the workers who may loose their jobs if GOD FORBID Ford has to lay off workers. After all since they are taking the credit for the downturn in Ford sales, shouldn't they also provide for the employees who are the true sacrificial lambs of the vile hatred?

Posted by: Kevin | Mar 14, 2007 12:18:04 PM

Poverty, homelesness, broken lives and souls... It's nice to see the AFA has there priorities straight.
There is no joke here.

Posted by: Franc | Mar 15, 2007 2:10:37 AM

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