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The reasoning of a Savage man

by Jeremy Hooper

Savage Liberalism Is Pub PicThink Michael "I hope you get AIDS and die" Savage couldn't get any more offensive than last week's anti-gay comments in regards to Melissa Etheridge? Well, click over to Media Matters and hear how he reasons away his often shockingly vitriolic rhetoric:

Savage, on the day CAA reportedly dumped him following homophobic remarks: "Mike shall return" [Media Matters]

Oh, Mr. S. You can call us haters and say we have a "mental disorder" if it somehow helps you sleep better at night, but we will simply never stop speaking out against those who are encouraging a biased, mean-spirited world. Nor will we make apologies for that.

You are not public enemy number one for anybody (as best we can tell), nor do you deserve to be. But Mr. Savage, you routinely encourage hostility towards gays (among other sects of the population)! For example, in your little tirade last week, you advised a caller to tell their child that gays are "not normal." Yet you have the audacity to classify us as the haters for criticizing you for it?! Maybe it's all that "pot" and "coke" blurring our mind, but somehow we have trouble feeling the least bit guilty about defending our normalcy.

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Your thoughts

Since we're playing the game of "Let's diagnose someone without ever having met them", a la Bill Frist, let's look at the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

* Overreacts to criticism, becoming angry or humiliated
* Uses others to reach goals
* Exaggerates own importance
* Entertains unrealistic fantasies about achievements, power, beauty, intelligence or romance
* Has unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
* Seeks constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
* Is easily jealous
* Has a sense of entitlement
* Is interpersonally exploitative
* Lacks empathy
* Displays arrogant, haughty behaviours

I'd say that Weiner fits the majority of diagnostic points. He seems to think that he deserved the CAA support simply because he is Michael "Savage" Weiner, hero for the common (conservative, heterosexual) man. There is no way that Weiner could lose this position because, you know, he's a hate-monger, or because he uttered offensive and hateful slurs towards gay people. No, his loss of the CAA gig MUST be because Teh Libruls and Teh Ghei are out to get him, personally, for no reason other than that they are crazy. It's a conspiracy, man!

Posted by: Katter | Mar 5, 2007 5:38:55 PM

It always amuses me to see someone like Michael Savage-Weiner call his critics insane when he, and his fellow wingnut commentators and pundits, are the ones who are obviously suffering from intense paranoia and, as Katter pointed out, narcissitic personality disorder. These are people who never grew out of the early, egocentric stages of development and have know nothing of reality outside of themselves. I believe the term is "solipsism."

It must be horrible to live in a world where there are enemies around every corner, where hidden cabals of gays and lesbians and even (GASP!) trannies exist solely to confound and disrupt your every move. What must be it be like to live in a perpetual victim mentality? I can't even fathom.

But I have to wrap this up. I have a Gay Brotherhood meeting to attend to.

Posted by: Johnny M | Mar 6, 2007 3:02:47 PM

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