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TVC on sin and Cyndi

by Jeremy Hooper

SealIn response to Cyndi Lauper's appearance on the "Today" show to promote the pro-gay True Colors tour, those always lovely folks at the Traditional Values Coalition have released the following statements:

NBC is performing a great public disservice by promoting homosexuality on its popular morning show. It is one thing for Cyndi Lauper and her HRC handlers to promote this behavior-based lifestyle as ‘edgy’ and ‘cool.’ But it is an entirely different matter when the network which warns us regularly about the hazards of practically everything ignores the substantial health risks of engaging in homosexual behavior.

“For many confused young people, homosexuality kills, pure and simple. Setting aside the moral considerations, it is a great risk to public health, and NBC has a responsibility to its viewers to warn them about it not cheer mindlessly for the epidemic.

“Cyndi Lauper can sing anything she wants about “True Colors,” but NBC is violating the public’s trust by its silence thereby ensuring that the true color of those under its influence will be the black of mourning.

“We urge NBC and other media to use this opportunity for a free and open public discussion of the health risks of homosexual behavior.

We reply:

"NBC was promoting a concert and artist on the "Today" show, not homosexuality. Neither HRC or Cyndi want gay folks -- whose "lifestyles" are no more behavior-based than heterosexuals, by the way -- viewed as "edgy" and "cool." On the contrary, they want gay people viewed as non-objectionable and normal (which they are). This an entirely different topic from warning about any ills that may stem from sexual intercourse (of any variety).

For many complacent people of all ages, sex can lead to unfortunate consequences. However, STDs/STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and emotional issues that can come with sex are a topic to be discussed separately from that of acceptance and equality. We agree that all of the risks associated with sex should be discussed by news outlets, and kids should learn that such are preventable (
but not just through abstinence, which ignores reality). However, this was not the subject at hand, no mater how conveniently TVC wants to automatically connect homosexuality with unsavoriness.

Neither NBC, Cyndi Lauper, or anyone involved are violating ANYTHING via this appearance. On the contrary, TVC is violating decency by painting "gay" as synonymous with "disease," "disease" as synonymous with "death," and death as synonymous with "inevitable."

We urge TVC and other "pro-family" groups to stop casting stones at gay people simply because an unknown, questionably-origined disease happened to strike the gay community earliest and hardest! HIV/AIDS --
which, it should be noted, both NBC and "Today" have covered many, many times over the past two decades -- is a harsh reality with which we must ALL deal. So is non-acceptance. Groups like TVC need to realize that it's the latter that most readily puts kids at risk for the former!"


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Your thoughts

I have to lodge a complaint about a line in today's post, "...and death as synonymous with 'inevitable'." Death isn't just synonymous with inevitable, death is inevitable. Death is one of the sure things in life and its not healthy, or frankly, rational, to forget that.
Semantics aside, I understood exactly what you were saying and I agree completely.

Posted by: Jessica | Mar 14, 2007 12:39:00 AM

Complaint lodged.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 14, 2007 8:20:37 AM

what a shame that such a great country as ours still has such ignorant people in our society. Homosexuality is not a choice or a lifestyle. God doesn't make mistakes. We must all know someone who is gay or lesbian and I can promise you that no one asked to be born different, struggle for acceptance, and be constantly questioned about ones sexuality. Be kind and accepting of everyone...black, white, gay, straight, stupid and smart.

Posted by: david | Jan 31, 2008 9:57:29 PM

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