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Amanda, did you lose your 'Witt'?

by Jeremy Hooper

Quick question: Would a good Christian disparage the looks, intelligence, and general "awkwardness" of a pre-teen girl that lives in her neighborhood and plays with her own kids? And would she do so in a public setting, under her own name, so that the young girl and her parents could very easily stumble upon it now or in the future and become deeply hurt?

Well, if the girl in question is the daughter of two lesbians, then apparently character attacks are fair game. At least Amanda Witt seemed to think so when she wrote this piece for Touchstone, a Christian magazine:

Distant Neighbors [Touchstone]

A brief passage for those who do not wish to read the whole article (though you really should read it, as it's all pretty discouraging):

"I grieve for the girl who brought this unwelcome knowledge into [my son's] life, for “what chance,” as a Christian friend of mine said, “does she have?” She’s not bright, nor is she pretty; she’s from a broken home, is living with lesbians, is discontented, and “specializing,” as she herself puts it, “in being bored.” She has a lot of strikes against her and, making matters worse, is willing to embrace the role of victim.

I do the only thing I know to do: I pray. I ask God to guide my children’s thoughts and attitudes. I ask him to guide the new girl’s life. He is strong enough to work a miracle there, though it may be a slow miracle, one I may never see.


We've written to Ms. Witt for a response; we'll let you know if/when she responds.

(H/t: Datalounge)


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Your thoughts

Oh please. Does anyone, ANYONE, actually think that conversation really happened. I've never met kids that speak or think like the ones she describes.

I suspect it's just a fiction to contrast the lovely loving Christian mother who is so close to her kids that they know she'd never yell with the poor ugly girl who thinks being a lesbian is gross but is stuck with her awful mother and her, well we won't say "friend" because she isn't.

Don't worry. The neighbor kid won't be hurt - she doesn't exist.

If there is any truth whatsoever to Amanda's tale it's about her son really, really, really liking Aaron. I smell family conflict down the road. But that shouldn't surprise us... don't all the major homophobes have gay kids?

Posted by: Timothy | Apr 26, 2007 7:29:04 PM

I was disgusted with her comment to the little girl that she could play with her daughter but ONLY under the understanding that she accept that her family is inferior to the Christian one and not push the issue.

Talk about mental cruelty. Isn't that a crime to abuse a child that way?

Posted by: SteveS | Apr 26, 2007 7:29:12 PM

Timothy: I had the "fiction" thought as well. So we'll see what she says. If she is claiming it to be nonfiction when it's not, then she's lying. if it is true, she is completely out of line!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Apr 26, 2007 7:34:15 PM

Ugh. I checked out a few postings on her site. They all are filled with cutesy artificial conversations that last existed in 1950's Hardy Boys books.

Posted by: Timothy | Apr 26, 2007 7:42:26 PM

Well...it could be worse, I suppose... The dear girl could be happily, blithely misguided by the Amanda's spiritual untruths. So much unfortunate arrogance on the part of this (I trust) well-intentioned Christian woman. Her judgments of her lesbian neighbors will not serve anyone well, nor will her obvious psychological projections ever help her to know or love them (really..."she looked vulnerable, bemused, wistful, and she was running a hand across her brutally cropped hair."...such loaded language, telling her readers how this woman felt inside...from across a darkened yard).

The (obviously fictionalized) account attempts to buttress the idea (disproven by all reputable scientific and medical reports) that children of gay or lesbian parents are somehow worse off than other children. Never mind that this "righteous" family is actually creating the hellish environment of judgment and condemnation which the neighbor girl would otherwise not have to endure.


Posted by: dash | Apr 26, 2007 8:01:58 PM

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