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AFA: Please study the science of studies!

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 32-5So you might remember that last week we showed you a list of the "Top Ten Pro-Homosexual Sponsors on Television," as compiled by those reliably gay-antipathetic sillies at the American Family Association. And if you read that piece, you might also remember that the methodology the AFA had used to obtain their findings simply involved them watching eight shows that GLAAD had cited for gay-friendliness (including such demographic-spanning programs as "The Simpsons" and "The Office") and counting up which companies advertised on those shows the most. So not only was it non-scientific; it was almost laughably dubious.

Well, you know who does not find the "study" deceptive? The AFA themselves, natch. And on the AFA-owned "news site, One News Now, the organization's Randy Sharp actually has the nerve to say of the study:

"We were looking to determine beyond a reasonable doubt and through scientific methods which company was sponsoring the most homosexuality on TV."

But here's the thing: Wouldn't a "scientific" study require that you ALSO watch shows that are NOT cited for gay-friendliness and looking at the overall scope of the company's ad buys!? There are over 100 primetime shows on network TV; the AFA looked at eight. And, as already mentioned, it's not like the monitored the Logo network. They watched some of the top shows on TV (in addition to the two already mentioned, others included "Greys Anatomy" and "ER")! These were hardly militant gay activists programs, but even if they were, there would still be over 90 other shows at which they DIDN'T take a look!

It's lots of things, this study. Scientific, is not one them!

The AFA found Ford to be the "most gay friendly" among the advertisers, with Sharp saying in the One News Now piece that the "study" is proof that the automaker is "not backing away from, but continuing and increasing its support of homosexuality and same-sex "marriage." But what about the fact that the company has a massive presence on "American Idol," with the contestants actually required to shoot a Ford commercial every week? What does that show, that the company's "not backing away from, but continuing and increasing support of recycled pop songs and Sanjaya?" No. It means they want to reach a large, diverse audience in order to sell more product. And while we don't have the hard data, we'd imagine Ford has ads on several of the other tops shows as well. After all, it was only a year ago that the AFA was lambasting the company for advertising on "Without A Trace."

Look, clearly we're not surprised that the AFA is once again employing deceptive practices and trying to pass off their bullsh*t as fact. It's sort of what they're known for. However, even for them, this all seems like a HUMONGOUS leap in logic. Basically, they're saying that because a company like Ford wants to push their product during TV shows that have a high viewership and/or a desirable demographic, then they are in bed with the "gay agenda." And then they have the gall to try and pass off this third grade methodology as "scientific"?!? AFA, we know you kids often reject and bastardize science, but this is just BEYOND!

Ford tops sponsors on GLAAD-approved TV shows [ONN]

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