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Resisting Mass attacks

by Jeremy Hooper

So earlier we showed you how the anti-gay folks at MassResistance were trying to sell the idea that PFLAG was endorsing a certain shirt, simply because the wearer had chosen to place one of the organization's stickers on said garment. Well, after going through the other photos and captions that MassResistance is currently running on their site, we found several other visual misrepresentations that we also felt worthy of address.

Below are MassResistance-branded images from Boston's recently-held Youth Pride Event accompanied with the group's captions. Following each image is our own take on the actuality of the situation (*all photos property of MassResistance):

Picture 21-5

Uhm, what type of parent is that, MassResistance? A mother who accepts her child? Wow -- shocking that those types of mothers and fathers would be on site. What next, are you gonna tell us some gay people were also in attendance?

Picture 19-9

Okay, MassResistance, we know you think there is a fine line between gay and porn, but this description of this theater troupe is a blatant lie! The Theater Offensive is a queer theater company that puts out a number of gay-themed shows each year. It's not porn in any way, shape, or money shot!

Picture 26-5

First off, BAGLY is the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth. It's not just a transgender group. And there is no reason to assume that Mr. Wright (a blogger at Queer Today) has any intention of switching genders. But then again, there is also no reason to call the peace sign-flashing activist "angry" and "disturbed." Although we understand why Amy Contrada (MassResistance figure and likely writer of these captions) would think Wright to be a meanie, as he has had the unfortunate job of dealing with her "cum vomit"-spewing self on several reported occasions.

Picture 24-2

Gee, why do we think youth, many of whom are of non-legal driving age, may not be found driving expensive classic cars? F**k me, I just can't figure out why there are no teens piloting these vehicles! Boggles the mind, really.

Picture 28-4

Ooh, we can imagine too. Since there is a major political fight going on in Massachusetts, we'd assume the state's largest gay rights organization is on site to get their message out and rallying their troops. That's clearly what you guys imagine too, right MassResistance? Afterall, it would be unfair and disgusting to assume anything unsavory.

Picture 23-3

Uhm, are college students and young adults outside of the youth paradigm these days? Call this writer childish, but I still considered myself a youthful young adult when I was 18-21 (college).

Picture 20-9

Ya see, questioning why adults would be at a youth event is an overall theme of MassResistance's photos. The true irony there is that if the event was adult-less, the group would accuse them of being unchaperoned and of trying to put one over of local moms and dads. But as it stands, MassReistance is trying to make it sound like the adults were on hand to prey on these poor, impressionable kids. Disgusting.

Picture 25-2

Oh, you got us now, MassResistance! You caught a gay teenager sneaking a smoke! It's just a good thing you didn't catch a queer teen swearing, talking back to their parents, wearing trendy clothes, talking about music, gossiping, or eating junk food. Because everyone knows those, like smoking, are teen concepts that are confined only to the gay community, and ones that make us look rotten! Whoo -- we really dodged a bullet!

::Writer rolls eyes so dramatically, he fears MassResistance will accuse him of never dropping the "wholly gay-centric" teen concept known as being sarcastic::



May 12 homosexual "Youth Pride" event in downtown Boston was worse than you could imagine. Your state government at work. [MassResistance]

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Your thoughts

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they started photoshopping images since the ones they got weren't as startling and offensive as they warned they'd be. Of course, I shouldn't give those pathetic people any ideas...

Posted by: scott | May 22, 2007 1:09:27 PM

It's kinda cool how, even despite their angry captions, the pictures still give the impression of a really fun, open, successful event.

And... cum vomit? Whuh? These people are so weird...

Posted by: Willie Hewes | May 22, 2007 3:41:49 PM

Honestly, I think the reason why it took them so long to get these photos up (the event was on 5/12) is because they had nothing all that "shocking." Even funnier is the "explosive" video they have posted on their homepage, which is not only tame by "pride" standards, but tame by "regular Saturday in the park" standards.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 22, 2007 3:48:43 PM

I believe the "only kind of parent" comment was in reference to the "Proud Mother of a Proud Daughter" sign, in which it could be inferred that the mother herself is gay. They would be then be saying that only gay parents show up to support gay children.

BTW, if I were trying to potray someone as a very angry, disturbed individual, I'd crop out the peace sign.

Posted by: Dragonclaws | May 22, 2007 10:31:07 PM

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