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Wherein an 'ex-gay' offends more than just the gay community

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Media Files Image010Attention all adoptive parents, straight or gay: Despite the fact that you are the legal guardians of your child, you are not and can never be the real parents. That honor goes always goes to the biological ones.

Or at least that is what professional "ex-gay" Stephen Bennett apparently believes, as he tells WorldNetDaily today:

"Fact is Mary Cheney, the vice president's daughter – in one way or another – received a male's sperm. She is the biological mother, parent number one, and some man, somewhere out there, is Samuel David's real biological father, parent number two"

So anyone who has become parents through artificial insemination, adoption, or other means: Don't expect mother or father's day gifts! For the "ex-gay" has spoken -- you are not the parents.


For many more offensive condemnations of Mary Cheney, Heather Poe, Samuel David Cheney, adoptive parents, and the "gay-supportive" White House, you can read Bennett's other thoughts at the link below. While you're doing that, we're going to go stand outside our local sperm bank and ask each of the donors how they plan to pay the child support that Mr. Bennett apparently thinks they deserve to pay.

VP's lesbian caption ignites 'sinful' fury [WND]

**Earlier condemnations of Mary C. and the fruits of her womb:

Matt Barber
Peter LaBarbera

**UPDATE: We learned from Pam's House Blend that Bennett first made the above comment in his own press release.

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Your thoughts

I thought the same thing when I read that at Pam's site last night. So much for adopting kids then. One thing I noticed from the WND article is that it mentions Bennett "left the homosexual lifestyle in 1992" but has been married to a woman "for 14 years with two children". Now math was never my strong subject, but it seems to me that getting hitched a year after becoming 'straight' is more than a bit of a stretch. If you figure that he had spent a few months meeting this woman, courting her, popping the question and then finally marrying her, that cuts the time down to a handful of months to 'change'. He should package that speedy 'cure' and sell it because it would make billions!

Posted by: John | May 31, 2007 11:37:03 AM

Well you know, John, there has always been much speculation about Bennett's "gay" past. He claims to have been very active in the NYC and P-Town gay communities, and claims to have "buried numerous friends and lovers." However, nobody in either community seems to have any recollection of him.

I'm not saying he's lying, but there has been much speculation.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 31, 2007 11:41:09 AM

Let me see if this would fly by the ex-gays:

Alan Chambers is the father of two adopted children. He may act like a parent, he may treat the baby as a parent, he may love these children with all of his heart, but in this reality we all live in, Alan Chambers is NOT the children's real parent. Hhe has NO biological connection to the children whatsoever. Some man, the children's real Daddy, is the children's REAL parent.

Ummm... nope, I'm just not that hateful. I think Alan is the parent of his kids.

(Alan Chambers is the president of Exodus International, the ex-gay umbrella group)

Posted by: Timothy | May 31, 2007 8:02:00 PM

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