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Barber equates fake bills to gay Bill/Bills

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images Img4297E7C83Ba21 1-1-1-2The following is a passage from the American Family Association's OneNewsNow website, wherein CWA's Matt Barber decries the possibility that gay state employees in Maryland may soon get domestic partner benefits:

"This is a threat to traditional marriage," Barber said, "because it's just another notch, another step forward by the homosexual lobby, to get official government recognition of their lifestyle."

He contends that domestic partner benefits devalue traditional marriage much the same way introducing counterfeit money into commerce devalues the dollar. "[When] you water down something enough, eventually it becomes unrecognizable," he asserts, "and we have counterfeit marriage here; we have the government subsidizing counterfeit marriage."

Hmm..domestic partner benefits being compared to counterfeit money. That's a new one! But here's the thing: Unlike fake currency, which truly does hurt the American economy, helping an employee protect their family devalues nothing more than the idea that certain workers' partners are of less worth than others!

If Barber is so concerned about alternate courses to legalized gay monogamy watering down the institution of marriage, then perhaps he should just support marriage equality. After all, if DP benefits are "counterfeit money" and marriage is the true only currency, then by his analogy, the former being replaced with more of the latter should only strengthen the social economy. We certainly have the love, tax-dollars, right to equality, and sense of decency to support the legal tendering of these extra notes.

So whatdya say, Matt? We'll promise to stop asking for the Monopoly money of domestic partnerships and the slug pennies known as civil unions, if you and your allies start helping us hop on that booming money train known as marriage. It is, after all, the gold standard. And with the debt that the high heterosexual divorce rate has already placed on the nuptial-based economy, you guys could really use our help to get the system out of the red!

Maryland taxpayers may be forced to subsidize homosexual lifestyle [ONN]

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Your thoughts

Barber is such a "concerned woman" that he always forgets how heterosexuals have willfully devalued his concept of marriage and how his own organization has been rather lax in encouraging the "gold standard" institution. Even evangelical poster child Huckabee's "covenant" marriage scheme has been largely unsuccessful - it seems even the most religiously correct fundies don't want to embrace much extra responsibility in heterosexual "marriage."

Even more telling is how the fundies themselves seem incapable of realizing that their own policies serve to attack marriage and the traditional family. In post after post, they attempt to claim that simple health benefits or funeral arrangement rights are "incidents of marriage" - as if the most shallow of public face-showing is what marriage is all about. If marriage can be watered down and destroyed over these silly statutes, it becomes nothing more than a business contract made between two parties and the state.

Suprisingly, the CWA seems to spend a scant amount of time proselytizing about the evils of heterosexual marriage for monetary gain or marriage to secure a green card - there are no angry email campaigns to Congress demanding that these "counterfeit" marriages be ended. The reason is rather obvious - fundies consider marriage as nothing more than a shallow institution with little real meaning and they don't seem to care how any heterosexual enters into that institution.

The evidence for this attitude is based on our own American history. Conservatives were always big on "forced" marriages if a party became pregnant, and even bigger on ignoring sexual and physical abuse within that "god-ordained" relationship. It was all about the image of cookie-cutter "families" being presented to the public no matter how dysfunctional the reality. Just look at some of the laws which lingered on the books from the last throes of the previous "conservative" revolution. It was only a year ago that the state of Georgia "discovered" that it had a statute (passed in the early 1960's) which allowed a legal MINOR to marry WITHOUT parental permission as long as one of the parties was pregnant. This slipped through the fingers of a legislature that was so wrapped up in banning gay marriage that it didn't bother looking at their own present marriage laws.

Conservatives love counterfeit marriages as long as the pretense of "traditional" marriage is projected in public. To people like Barber, freedom is the enemy; servitude is the goal.

Posted by: Kevin | Jun 1, 2007 11:15:54 AM

Yeah, that IS a new one.

The man is capable of having an original thought? Amazing!

Good retort. :)

Posted by: williehewes | Jun 1, 2007 11:22:12 AM

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