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Hey Tony: The 'banners' don't own the banner!!

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 7-55Here is how the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins reacted to the Massachusetts vote (highlighting our own):

More than 200 years ago, the Second Continental Congress resolved that one flag would represent America to the world. It ordered that "the flag of the United States be made of thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation." Today, on the very date reserved to honor the flag's proud and glorious history, what was seen waving throughout Boston wasn't Old Glory, but a handful of rainbow flags, symbols not of unity but of division. The colors crowned a contentious battle for marriage, which, this afternoon, suffered a vicious blow at the hands of the Massachusetts legislature. Spurning their own constituents, state lawmakers voted 45 to 151 to take the decision of protecting marriage out of voters' hands. In the end, all three branches of government conspired to frustrate the desire of the voters, ignoring over 170,000 residents who signed petitions, wrongly believing that the principle of representative government would prevail. News outlets like the Boston Globe hinted that Gov. Deval Patrick (D) was buying off votes with political favors as late as yesterday. National politicians also weighed in, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), and Chairman of the DNC Howard Dean, fearing the issue would become a rallying cry for the 2008 elections. Their actions today may prove to be the very motivator they feared. After Massachusetts, pro-family forces across the nation will be even more motivated to pursue a federal amendment protecting marriage. Despite the shameless games and political maneuvers, we must not give up on the fight. The flag that has led us into every contest for America will lead us now, reminding us of the founding ideals, like marriage and family, that so many have died to protect.

So yes, in case you weren't aware, yesterday was flag day. And you know what flag the day was meant to honor? THE FLAG THAT REPRESENTS ALL AMERICANS EQUALLY! It is beyond offensive for Tony to act as if gay activists fly the rainbow flag in lieu of the Old Glory! This writer might also decide to hold a Mets pendant the next time he's at Shea -- yet it won't negate my ability to pledge allegiance to the stars and stripes during that particular pre-game ritual!

On another flag note: It's also also beyond ridiculous for TP to present the idea of the original thirteen-starred banner, as that would seem to us to only highlight the nation our nation has changed and adapted over the years to accommodate new ideas. Be it Alaska, desegregation, Hawaii, or gay marriage -- we must not be afraid to adapt.

As for Massachusetts situation: The social conservatives' talking point on this is that gays somehow circumvented legality, fairness, and the American way by fighting to keep this proposed ban off the ballot. This of course overlooks the fact that the ban itself (as with all gay marriage bans) is one of the most un-American, unpatriotic, divisive, non-flagworthy measures to ever grace the landscape! Matters of minority civil rights are and should never be decided by a public vote. When a people are wronged, the courts are right to correct the injustice. This is not a miscarriage of justice -- it is simply justice! It is those who are trying to overturn the court's decision under the banner of morality who are fighting to sidestep actual fairness.

Finally, as for Tony's closing threat: Well, we want to wish Mr. Perkins good luck with getting a federal marriage amendment. With every passing year, that idea is losing more favor than the Yellow Pages is losing relevancy. Despite the "pro-family" side's "shameless games and political maneuvers," these kids are gonna lose this "fight." With every year's new crop of eighteen-year-olds, anti-gay attitudes and measures lose fervor. And with the past six or so years of eye-opening bumblings and missteps, even self-identified conservatives are starting to question the righteousness of faith-based "family values" measures and gay-unfriendly policies. The tide is not turning in Mr. Perkins and pals' favor (which, judging by the tone shift of recent, we think they fully realize). For that they can blame only one thing: Their support for gay inequality is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Our nation has a history of first making a few missteps, but then wising up and working to correct those pockmarks. This situation will be no different!.

Mr. P is right in stating that "The flag that has led us into every contest for America will lead us now, reminding us of the founding ideals..." However, he is wrong about what those founding ideals truly are. For if marriage truly was of utmost governmental importance and the legislation of morality were an intent, perhaps they would have been addressed. We don't see much of that from our study of the founding fathers and their secular documents of law. We do, however, see loads of stuff about freedom from religious persecution, fairness and equality for all citizens. And we gays also serve openly and die to protect...oh wait a minute, NO -- you guys don't want us to do that either!!!! ::sigh::

For you, T-dog:

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Mass Abuse of the Right to Vote [FRC -- Washington Update]

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Your thoughts

One wonders why Perkins was stupid enough to dwell on a flag scenario. . .particularly since it is quite well known that the theocrats rather enjoy displaying a red, white, and blue banner with thirteen stripes and a CROSS replacing the STARS.

The level of utter duplicity and arrogant hypocrisy is deafening, and that is why these nutcases are losing favor for their non-stop fear-smear-and-hate campaigns for "jesus." Americans are starting to realize that these people don't serve any Lord that dwells in heaven.

Posted by: Kevin | Jun 15, 2007 2:16:31 PM

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