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Savage offends both gays AND victims of actual child abuse

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images Savage Liberalism Is Pub Pic-1Remember on Thursday when we admonished Mitt Romney for his falsely compassionate reaction to a lesbian mother? Well, on the completely other side of the ideological coin, nationally syndicated radio host Michael "Weiner" Savage is also lashing out against the GOP presidential hopeful. However, instead of going after Romney's "I respect your family, it's just not ideal" stance (like we did), Savage is savaging an entirely different aspect of the whole Romney/ lesbian mom situation. He is attacking the candidate for not accusing the woman of child abuse!

This, brought to our attention by Media Matters, is a quote from Savage's radio show from 6/7:

There went the culture warrior -- bingo -- out the door. I'm sorry. I need a conservative candidate all the way who would say to a gay woman: "You know what? I'm very sorry for your children. I think it's child abuse for you to raise children. And I don't mean to insult you personally, but this is a large cultural issue. The society is collapsing. Marriage is a fragile institution and I think you're making a mockery of it in this manner by doing this."

That would have been the proper answer.

Wow..someone who will compare gay parenting to child abuse. Well, is CrazyAss McNutJob considering throwing his hat in the ring? Maybe Unstable B. Mee is thinking of running? Or, ooh, we know -- General Lee N. Sane would be the perfect candidate to fulfill Savage's wish! But as for the current crop of candidates: Well, even Romney looks good compared to Savage's vision of a leader!

::sigh:: Give your kids an extra hug tonight, gay parents. And please, by all means: DON'T LET THEM HAVE A DATE WITH A.M. RADIO UNTIL THEY'RE AT LEAST 18! You never know what sickos are out there trying to hurt them!

Savage again called gay parenting "child abuse" [Media Matters]

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Your thoughts

Savage states, "Marriage is a fragile institution..."

Yeah it is. It has been just collapsing into shattered little pieces on the battlefield of culture. Just like our ability to grasp objects due to our opposable thumbs.

If marriage is so fragile I really question a persons ability to be straight, or faithful for that matter.

If marriage is so fragile it makes it seem to me that it is a false and invented construct that really has no merit at all.

If marriage cannot withstand time and the changing landscapes of the various cultures in the world, than yes it is fragile, and it should be abolished altogether as it apparently to weak to be of any value.

Unfortunately people throughout time, have married, have paired off, and through a variety of cultural and religious circumstances. Marriage is not as fragile as many like Savage would wish us to believe. If it was, humanity would have been living in a different way perhaps, but who cares? That isn't the world we live in. The fact gays such as myself want to join this "fragile" institution speaks volumes about the importance of this bond/union/life to so many in any society.

Posted by: Matthew | Jun 11, 2007 2:14:09 PM

Matthew, you said much of what occurred to me as I read this article!

One more thought, though, on the aspect of fragility. It strikes me that Mr. Savage himself is fragile. His position is so brittle and inflexible that it makes me wonder what happened to him as a child. It makes me wonder how he managers to get through life. It makes me feel almost as sorry for him as I am disgusted by his opinions.

Posted by: Robin Reardon | Jun 11, 2007 5:48:20 PM

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