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Hey, FOF: We wouldn't need 'to do' it you kids didn't pooh-pooh it!

by Jeremy Hooper

To highlight a piece in which they chastise the Democratic presidential hopefuls for agreeing to discuss gay issues at a televised HRC/Logo event, the folks at Focus on the Family are running this image:

 Images 07 07-18-07

Fortunately, we also know how to use Photoshop:


Democratic Presidential Candidates Pander to Homosexual Lobby [FOF Citizenlink]

**In the associated piece, FOF's Carrie Gordon Earll says this:

"By all appearances, this is political pandering at its worst," ... "With so many critical issues facing our country – everything from the war to health care – this is a poor use of time and national attention."

We respond:

Ms. Earll, let's look at some quotes that you have recently put out in the ether, shall we?

On gay outrage over a legally wedded husband's inability to inherit his late spouse's federal pension:

"What this tells us is that anti-marriage gay activists will stop at nothing to dismantle, destroy and turn on the ash heap traditional marriage,"..."They will not be happy until every law that protects marriage and encourages heterosexual marriage is dismantled and destroyed.

"For us to think, for even one moment, that offering civil unions or domestic partnerships or some other kind of intermediate option is going to satisfy them is utterly foolish."

On Mary Cheney's pregnancy:

"Love can't replace either a mom or a dad...Gay adoption -- by definition -- intentionally denies children either a mother or a father.
On the "link" between polygamy, homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality:

"The polygamists are going to go through the courts just like the gay-rights activists did, because that's the only way they can move their policy agenda forward," .... "There is no limit to the deviancy of humanity. It could go to anything from bestiality to pedophilia to things we can't even imagine yet."

And that's but a mere sample, Ms. Earll. So ya see, for us, cutting through the demonizing rhetoric IS a critical issue!!

Also in the piece, Amanda Banks from Exodus International says this:

"Wouldn't it be wonderful,"..."if along with this debate we could have a debate on family values and the strength that they bring to our country?"

Our response:

That's exactly what they ARE doing, Ms. Banks. They are addressing the sort of family values that think acceptance and equality strengthen our country far more than one-sided, faith-based, polarizing, stone-casting, mean-spirited discrimination!!

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Your thoughts

I'm so happy they're unhappy!

Anything that upsets FOF and their ilk is without question good for the nation and the world.

Posted by: K | Jul 19, 2007 8:43:28 AM

"With so many critical issues facing our country – everything from the war to health care – this is a poor use of time and national attention."

We so agree! Which is why it is baffling to us that ther are SO many groups out there who's main mission is to keep gays in a second-class citizen status and keep the issue of gay marriage on the discussion board. We've always wondered why all these religious groups who claim to be all about "family values" are doing nothing to help poor families and doing everything to keep my family from having ligitimate legal status.

Posted by: Jessica | Jul 19, 2007 9:55:52 AM

Wow, it never ends. Not only do they do the childish scare quotes, they also stoop to using "Democrat" as an adjective. How pathetic.

Posted by: George | Jul 19, 2007 11:45:06 AM

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