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Another renegade evangelical, another gross attack

by Jeremy Hooper

BarbercolorFollowing in the footsteps of Daddy Dobson, the Concerned Women for America's Matt Barber has now released his own unsolicited thoughts regarding the Iowa gay marriage ruling:

"Once again we have another renegade judge abusing the authority he's been granted and arbitrarily legislating from the bench. Hanson is a judicial activist. He's just one man - a county judge - who has haughtily trampled on the concept of separation of powers, the elected state legislature and the people of Iowa in order to push his own radical agenda.

"It's preposterous to think that the framers of the Iowa constitution could have even imagined that the document they were drafting would someday be distorted in such a way as to force "'gay' marriage" upon Iowa.

"This case proves once again that the only way to assure that the institution of marriage is protected - and not radically redefined into oblivion - is to pass a federal marriage amendment,"

We take a deep breath, then respond:

"Once again we have a renegade judgmental 'pro-family' type acting as if the a member of judiciary is out of line for interpreting a gay-discriminating law as being legally unjust. Hanson simply used the power he has been granted and cast a ruling that happens to run contrary to Matt Barber's biased outlook on life. And because of that, he is unfairly branded a 'renegade' by those who are supposed to be so nice and moral?! Your honor, we object!!

As for the "founding fathers argument" that the social conservatives love so much: Yes, it's true that the framers of the Iowa constitution likely didn't consider gay marriage. They also didn't consider women with the right to vote, or African-Americans with the right to do MANY things (including marry someone of another race). What is preposterous is to act as if citizens in the mid-1800's had all of the answers!

Matt's words prove once again that his team will go so far as to attack a man's character and commitment to his career simply because he acted in a manner with which they do not agree. For eons, those of us on the pro-gay side of things have dealt with our fellow citizens casting ballots, making rulings, and launching petition drives that threaten our very lives and loves. However, we don't tend to accuse these folks as ABUSING their authority, but rather we accuse them of USING their rights or authority in mean-spirited, divisive, discriminatory, short-sighted ways. It's one thing to lash out against a ruling that pisses you off. Lord knows we do whenever a judge or judicial panel accepts "child welfare" or some other straw man argument as an acceptable reason to oppose our marital equality. However, by acting as if Judge Hanson committed some sort of crime by banging his gavel, Matt is doing far more than protesting what he views to be unjust. He is also bearing false witness in regards to the "impropriety" of Mr. Hanson's decision

Judicial Activist Rules Iowa Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional [CWA]

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would someone please give this matt barber person some decent sex? good god.

Posted by: tlsintx | Sep 3, 2007 8:38:29 PM

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