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It must be tiring dealing with 'evil'!

by Jeremy Hooper

The following is the message that Amy Contrada of the anti-gay MassResistance group has left on that organization's blog site:

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To which we respond:

Wow, Amy, we knew that some of the rhetoric from your coworkers and allies can be unsavory, but we never would've known it had gotten so bad so that it can now be referred to as "evil"! We had no idea that within your line of "culture war" work, things are looking so bleak! Our side, with all of our recent victories and optimism for '08, has seemed nothing short of exciting over the past year, with spirits at a high and outlooks on the up-and-up. We assumed that things were just as sanguine within the ranks of those who bastardize the word "family." Sorry for being so insensitively myopic!!!

But of course being an insider in your 'pro-family' movement, you would certainly know better than us about all the despicable words and actions that fill your days. So you go right ahead and take some time off from having to surround yourself with that sort of evil, if that's what you need to do. In your absence, we'll be here helping our truly righteous, peace-craving, acceptance-promoting, non-wicked team defeat that non-debatable evil known as raging anti-gay bias. And doing so will not leave us with a desperate need to take a break in order to appease our tormented minds, as when you work on the team that is truly on the right side of a social issue, you feel nothing but pride about the fact that you're making a lasting difference that could better the world. In our line of work, we jump at the opportunity to challenge the ills that we perceive to be coming from the other side, as we know that in doing so, we are helping to make the landscape just a little less "evil" for the scared gay kids who will continue to be born as long as the world still exists. And ideally, all those who engage in our side of the "culture war" are not left with the sort of societal view where they see the opposition as "evil," but rather as well-intentioned lumps of clay whose brains only need to be molded with accurate information in order to understand the truth about the LGBT population. For unity is the goal, not further divisiveness.

So Amy, again -- have a really nice time enjoying the summer sun and fun! And while you're enjoying the R&R, we would suggest that you consider what, exactly, is making your job so damed stressful that you view it as a place filled with "evil." Perhaps the conclusion you will reached is that a more permanent vacation is what you really need!

Reporting on Evil [MR]

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Your thoughts

Congratulations Amy!!! You have taken the ultimate step in seeing us as an evil entity instead of seeing us as living, breathing, human beings. Folks must be proud sweety.

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