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McManus vs. McManus

by Jeremy Hooper

AdamMcmanusWell Pride month may be behind us, but those who attack any and everything about its existence are not yet ready to let it rest. Latest case in point: San Antonio radio host Adam McManus, who is urging local Christians to attend tonight's City Council meeting and protest Police Chief William McManus (no relation) for serving as the grand marshal of the city's July 2 Pride parade. The conservative talk personality tells One News Now:

"I have no problem with the police chief being at the parade if his role was to arrest people for indecent exposure, which apparently goes on with great frequency at these homosexual pride parade events," ..."But he should never have accepted the invitation to serve as grand marshal, endorsing a behavior that is unnatural, unhealthy, and immoral."

Oh isn't that cute? An attempt to make it sound like Pride parades are nothing but lawless dens of sin wherein both the moral and actual police should have a presence. Gee, what other sweet thoughts ya got, Mr. McManus?

"God calls Christians to be faithful -- faithful to the plumb line of scripture," ..."Scripture could not be more clear: homosexual behavior is described as an abomination. Homosexuals need Jesus as much as any other sinners, but they certainly don't need city approval of their death style and of their sin."

Well, actually Scripture could be much clearer if homosexuality as we know it was meant to be condemned in the extreme ways the evangelicals employ. Like, say, "NO SAME-SEX SEX!" could be one of the Ten Commandments. And what are interpreted as Levitical condemnations could not be surrounded by other condemnations that are completely ignored by Christians today. Or the wording of all same-sex "condemantions" could not laid out in a way that leads many modern theologians to question whether "abomination" really means "abomination" in the first place. It's a very convenient evangelical untruth to say the Bible is a cut-and-dry book of anti-gay dogma. However, those who look at the world with reason know that (a) nobody walking this Earth is truly "faithful to the plumb line of scripture, and (b) the Bible is very much open for interpretation.

But hey, you and your pals go ahead with your little protest of Police Chief McManus, other McManus. After all, your knee-jerk, mean-spirited, divisive stone-casting is doing more for our side than all of our political groups combined!

Police chief's role in 'Gay Pride Parade' catalyst for call to San Antonio Christians [One News Now]

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Your thoughts

I absolutely love his use of the phrase "death style" rather than the more common "lifestyle." Nothing like showing just how extreme and fanatical you can be!

Of course, part of me also worries that people like Adam MacManus actually do provide one benefit for other anti-gay individuals: It gives them someone to point to and console themselves with thoughts of, "well, I'm not as bad as him!"

Posted by: Jarred | Aug 2, 2007 12:22:34 PM

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