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We always knew Pete was a Becky fan

by Jeremy Hooper

 Albums R252 Sparklefarkle54 Sara2078221-1So how does Americans For Truth's Peter LaBarbera thank actress Sara Gilbert for the years she dutifully entertained America as the wise-cracking Darlene Conner on the sitcom "Roseanne"? Well, by attacking her family, that's how. In reaction to the news that Gilbert and partner Allison Adler have just been blessed with a new child (they already have a 3-year-old son), Pete today says the following:

One of the more irritating things about Politically Correct culture is when the media pretend that abnormal is normal — and then expect the rest of us to play along. That’s sort of what being PC is all about, right? Nobody can judge anything — except the “judgers” (that would be us “religious right” folks). It’s perfectly OK for liberals and homosexual activists to slam us because, well, we’re so intolerant of things like Hollywood stars intentionally creating fatherless households and becoming lesbian “mommy” role models who are going to confuse the heck out of these children who, through no fault of their own, are now part of some bizarre social experiment called “same-sex parenting.”

We yearn for the good old days when lesbian radicals railed against “patriarchal” marriage and family, mocked “breeders” (heterosexuals with kiddos), and said the great thing about being a lesbian was that you didn’t have to reproduce. At least then innocent children were not dragged into the “Gay” Revolution.

Oh, Pete, you lil' silly. An example of a "bizarre social experiment" would be something like the "ex-gay" movement, wherein folks are trying to alter the natural order of humanity in order to fit their constraining moral purview. Same-sex parenting, in which a loving, committed same-sex couples provide stable homes for a child, are more like "joyous social developments." And the only way that the children would have "the heck" confused out of them was if they were being raised by parents who told them that gay couples are sick, wrong, immoral, and abnormal. For those households that understand that the spectrum of normalcy extends well beyond the two-parent, male/female, white picket fence fantasy, what would strike them as "confusing" is a grown man who spends all day every day condemning others for daring to live their truths!!

And Peter, cut the crap with the whole yearning for the "good old days" when lesbians were seemingly less into children and reproduction. For no matter what is de rigueur within the gay community, you will be right there decrying it. If they are wishing to gain rights, you'll call them militant. If they are wanting to quietly raise families, you will call them selfish. If they want to play Scrabble, you will declare them dead set on hijacking the Triple Word Score. That's because, Peter, you either (a) simply do not like gay people, or (b) you like them far more than you wish you did. If you would just admit one of those facts rather than continuing to hide behind your "pro-family" veil of false compassion, we would all be a lot better off.

Mazel tov, Sara and Allison.

Another Fatherless Child: ‘Roseanne’ Star Sara Gilbert Has Second Child as Lesbian Mom [AFT]

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Your thoughts

Will these Christian Fundamentalist ever make up their minds???

They used to complain about how LGBT people were "selfish" because we DIDN'T have children or the "stressful" and "financial" responsiblities ("homosexuals have more disposible income, blah blah blah") that come with rasing a family.

Now that many LGBT are taking on those responsibilities, they have a problem with that as well.

Posted by: zenithNYC | Aug 15, 2007 7:23:13 AM

It's totally true, Zenith. It doesn't matter who or what we are. Their endgame has us either converted into "ex-gays," or living sad, lonely, closeted lives.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Aug 15, 2007 8:31:59 AM

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