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ADF still trying to make anti-gay tees trendy

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images Teegay-1In defense of an Illinois student's "right" to wear a tee shirt reading "Be Happy, Not Gay" to school, Nate Kellum of the extremely anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund says the following to Focus on the Family's CitizenLink:

As the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled, students do not lose their constitutional right to free speech upon entering the schoolhouse gate,”... “Neuqua Valley High School officials unconstitutionally single out one viewpoint — Alex’s — for censorship, while allowing other students to present the opposite view.
Alex’s First Amendment right to free speech is important," ..."and should be thoroughly considered."

The only necessary response:

"Be Happy, Not Hetero."
"Be Happy, Not Christian"

Those would be examples of directly opposite views, neither of which would be allowed either, Nate. But that's okay, as fortunately those are not the sorts of views that pro-gay students are trying to present. The 'opposite view' typically presented by pro-gay students is one that calls for acceptance of all, not intolerance of some. Their viewpoint is one that seeks to eliminate hate and divisiveness, the likes of which is only fostered by condemnatory shirts like this one proposed by the anti-gay teens. While we know that a simple call for gay acceptance reads to the anti-gay side like a Christian-targeting verbal grenade, those who do not view the world through a 'pro-famiy' 'culture war' lens understand the difference between a religious-based message of division and a secular call for respect. Thus the reason why the ADF's attempts to bring this particular shirt into fashion will continue to fail as badly that one kid who lives by the motto, 'Be Happy, Don't Show Up for Class."

Freedom of speech guarantees one the right to express their views without government interference, and such should CERTAINLY be considered and protected. However, businesses and institutions can and do place limits on speech
all the time without stifling anyone's rights. Organizations have a responsibility to protect their interests, which in the case of a public school is the student body's well-being (the likes of which is hindered by messages of intolerance). If Alex wishes to wear his shirt on a public sidewalk and preach about gays until he's blue in the face, then he is more than free to do so. But just like the girl who feels her exposed butt cheeks accentuate her mini skirt would be prevented by school dress code from expressing her 'freedom,' an anti-gay student would not and should not be free to expose this asinine, cheeky "Be Gay, Not Happy" outlook!

ADF Defends 'Be Happy, Not Gay' T-Shirt [FOF CitizenLink]

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