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He means 'sinkhole of immorality' in the non-demeaning sense

by Jeremy Hooper

Peter Labarbera's so-called Americans For Truth organization sent a reporter/researcher by the name of Allyson Smith to cover the recent National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association convention. The Dallas Voice, in turn, published a story about Ms. Smith's anti-gay presence at the pro-gay event. Then third in our change of events that you need to know for background purposes: Maine's most extremely anti-gay personality, Michael Heath, has today written a new blog entry responding to the Voice's coverage of Smith's coverage.

Got all that? Okay, good.

Mike Heath Outside Resized-1So the whole of Heath's musing is predictably off-kilter (He calls the conference a "sinkhole of immorality," for instance). However, this section really caused us to take exception:

Included in the “Voice” article about Allyson is the token soundbite of what passes for “gay” reasoning these days. Wayne Besen is a master. He is the one the “Voice” turned to for a quote. He allows that Allyson is nice, and turns her kindness around on her. He perverts, if you will, her motives. No surprise that a master of perversion would use this tactic, I suppose.

Then Besen is quoted indicating that Allyson represents something terribly evil and insidious. He says that, “Her sole purpose of being at this conference was to demean and smear gay and lesbian people and to distort and twist everything that was said. That was her mission.” He then concludes, “they are just really trying to take away your rights and essentially put you in a cage by passing sodomy laws and having you arrested.”

In the lexicon of gay speak “demeaning and smearing” is what reasonable people call truth telling. If you don’t believe me just go to the Americans for Truth website and read it. There is nothing “demeaning or smearing” on it. And, the only distorting and twisting I’ve seen over the years has been done by gays. They often distort and twist things.

The last point Besen makes might be worth addressing. He suggests that we want to take away rights and jail homosexuals. There is a problem with this argument. There is no such thing as a legal right to do wrong. Think about adultery. Homosexuality is morally no different from adultery. If there were a loud and powerful adultery rights group clamoring for rights would that mean that adultery isn’t wrong anymore? Substitute any sinful behavior. You see what Besen is doing. I don’t know what the technical word is to describe this rhetorical twisting and distorting, but I’m no fool. Only fools are drawn in by arguments like this. There are many fools around today, aren’t there. You need look no further than FoxNews.

Picture 22-8Okay, so first off: It's quite ironic that Heath so aggressively denies the mean-spirited or demeaning nature of the "truth-tellers," but yet in the same breath calls Wayne Besen a "master of perversion." And then he seriously puts out the idea that there is nothing demeaning on Peter LaBarbera's website? Well, that's as comical as it is enraging! Perhaps to folks like Pete, Mike, and Allyson, these sorts of things are not demeaning:

Picture 20-16
Picture 21-11

However, we'd be willing to bet some serious cash that the vast majority of the population would find just a tinge of a smear-job at play.

But non-debate about the fact that the anti-gay movement does demean gays aside, the point we really want to address from the above passage is in regards to how Heath handles Besen's claim that his team would like to pass sodomy laws and have us arrested. Michael responds to this assertion by making it sound as if Wayne is coming from left field by suggesting as much. He also acts as if they couldn't jail gays for their sex even if they wanted. However, Mr. Heath's memory bank must not go back to the primitive, ancient year of 2003, when gays' consensual intimate contact was finally deemed legal and the right wing "pro-family" movement went absolutely ape shit! He may now purport that there is "no such thing as a legal right to do wrong," yet he and his buddies certainly had no problem with their being a "legal wrong" for gays to do what comes naturally! So when Wayne suggests that re-criminalization of gay sex might be a "pro-family" goal, it's not like he's yank the idea from his bum. He's instead yanking it from the very recent, very frightening past, as well as from the anecdotal data that can only come from dealing with these "truth-tellers" on a daily basis.

Heath goes on to say that he doesn't "know what the technical word is to describe this rhetorical twisting and distorting." We don't either. We do, however, know that it's most flagrant technicians are not on this side of the "culture war" (itself a rhetorical term concocted by the right-wing).

Christian Crusader [Mike Heath]

Christian crusader [Dallas Voice]

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Your thoughts

I love how Mike Heath categories the topic of his post:

"Topics: Sexual orientation theory"

I didn't know i was a theory, its rummored I have rights as well.

Posted by: Patrick B | Sep 9, 2007 2:39:49 AM

"Homosexuality is morally no different from adultery."
--So same-sex desire for A partner, is morally equivalent to the desire to cheat on one's partner?

"If there were a loud and powerful adultery rights group clamoring for rights would that mean that adultery isn’t wrong anymore?"
--Since according to the Bible, remarriage is adultery, I guess the answer to that would be a resounding YES!

And the ever-present question remains; does he (et al) consciously and dishonestly go out of his way to make those points, or is he just that stupid and irresponsible?

Posted by: Emproph | Sep 10, 2007 7:25:55 AM

my gf think she is better than me but i fooled her and i know that i am as good as her

Posted by: Mike Paahana | Apr 25, 2008 8:12:45 PM

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