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The only thing we have to 'fear' is Mike Rogers itself

by Jeremy Hooper

MroAgree with his work or not, there is no debating that the Larry Craig scandal has once again put Mike Rogers on the map as a powerful force in the so-called blogosphere. And now some little newspaper called The Washington Post has taken notice, asking the question: Is Mike Rogers the most feared man on the Hill? Read up:

The Most Feared Man on the Hill? [WaPo]

Now, we know Mike on a personal level, and frankly -- he's about as scary as a teddy bear. But then again, we are not closeted lawmakers who vote against pro-gay / for anti-gay legislation. If we were, then perhaps a proudly gay teddy bear who wants every public policy maker to live a truthful life and vote for measures that encourage the well-being and equality of gay folks, and who will unapologetically scrutinize those who are found to have been living one way and voting another, would place prominently on our "fear" radar. But then again, if we were such a person, we would also probably fear our own inability to sleep at night, as well as the sense of nagging inner torment that tends to come with living a life of false values.

But wait a minute, what were we talking about? Oh yea, that "big, bad boogeyman" known as Mike Rogers. He's keeping an eye an ear to the ground of D.C., listening for any and every rumbling of anti-gay hypocrisy. So if you don't want to "fear" him, distinguished politicians, then do what is truly a radical thing for Washington: F***ING LIVE YOUR TRUTH AND VOTE WITH YOUR CONSCIENCE! Then you can "fear" the same political ideas that those of us who already live with congruence do: The dissolution of civil liberties, the attempts by extremists to marry church and state, the sanctioning of discrimination into constitutions, unjust wars, our poor international reputation, terrorism, the hijacking of morality, and Ann Coulter.

**UPDATE: Mike on "Hannity and Colmes"

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Your thoughts

from Schmitz Blitz:

I am somewhat conflicted about the tactics of Rogers. The process of accepting and disclosing one’s gayness is very stressful and scary–you have to worry about rejection from the people you care about the most, and begin to deal with the changes that come with being identified as a gay American. When someone else outs you, you loose control over this very difficult process, and it adds to the emotional turmoil.

What’s more, Rogers’ tactics create a new sort of McCarthyism targeting gays. It makes me somewhat uncomfortable to see again this kind of a witch hunt going on within the walls of our government.

Those concerns noted, I ultimately support the outing of anti-gay politicians. These politicians take their own shame and self-hatred over being gay out on open gays who just want to live their lives with dignity (as opposed to finding sexual fulfillment through secret trysts in public restrooms and parks). To me, using your democratically elected office as a closet is an abuse of power, and we need people like Rogers to expose that.

Posted by: Elizabeth Schmitz | Sep 5, 2007 12:08:04 PM

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