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Some kink in the Republican's armor

by Jeremy Hooper

 Images Candidate Photos 8181CurRemember yesterday when we told you about Washington state Rep. Richard Curtis (R-La Center) being the latest Republican lawmaker to have his closet door busted down? And remember when we told you about his alleged tryst's porn past and solicitations for a sugar daddy who would "put cum in my tummy"? Yea, well, the police report has now been made available online, and the situation is even more intense than we thought! We're talking Curtis in women's lingerie; Curtis demanding bareback sex; Curtis receiving oral sex in an adult store's video booth.

Dan Savage has the dirty deets over at Slog:

Richard Curtis: More Shocking Details [Slog]
*The police report: Spokane Police Report [PDF (courtesy of Slog)]

So yea, he was totally right to vote against domestic partnerships and to oppose a bill that bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. After all, if those are the type of "family values" and relationship "sanctities" that Rep. Curtis holds dear, then our gay ideals certainly do present a challenge to them.

**UPDATE: Cody Castagna denies he extorted Curtis. He spoke to KXLY about the incident.


Richard Curtis to Resign [Slog]

**UPDATE 3: Our pal Chris Crain has some thoughts on what he perceives to be hypocrisy over the way some of us have handled this story. In defense of this site (which Chris doesn't really cite, except for some mild praise), this writer will only say that we pointed out the details after they were released to the media only because they are of interest to the story. We aren't passing judgement on them -- but we are saying that this is not, according to the police report, a married, hetero-identified man who's been found to be having a secret gay life. It is a man who has been found to be living a life in which he pursues risky sexual encounters, and behaviors that many folks -- straight and gay -- consider to be on the fringes.

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Your thoughts

The fact that this guy also requested bareback sex points out a big problem in the fight against HIV. Guys like Curtis don't consider themselves to be gay. They're just men who like to have sex with other men. They then feel they are safe from HIV, because it's a "gay disease". Thus they carry the disease to other men and take it home to their wives. Their actions are not only hypocritical, they're downright dangerous.

Posted by: Mike in the Tndra | Oct 31, 2007 12:06:23 PM

A bit off topic - but it still applies - the men who keep getting caught doing what Richard Curtis did are men who identify themselves as Heterosexuals and are married!

What boggles my mind is that the "other side" talks of family values and how open homosexuals need to change but if they got their wish this type of behavior would be an epidemic and more families would be ripped apart.

This is really SAD!!!

Posted by: Alonzo | Oct 31, 2007 1:17:52 PM

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