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Trading rock stars for Barack stars: MTV features B. Obama

by Jeremy Hooper

With the Donnie McClurkin controversy still haunting him, Barack Obama took to the MTV stage on Monday night, where he talked about both his civil unions stance and the aforementioned McClurkin brouhaha. Check it out:

Wait, the McClurkin controversy was "awhile back"? Personally we consider last week to be in the very recent past, but whatever. We also view civil unions as an unacceptable stopgap, so we're not all that surprised that we see the world differently from B. Obama.

But looking past our differentiations as to what constitutes "awhile": Our problem with Mr. Obama remains the way he gives such passionate testament to his pro-gay views, but continues to mishandle gay-centric issues. Yes, he spoke out against Donnie McClurkin's pro-"ex-gay" and anti-gay rhetoric; but he also left Donnie on the bill for his campaign event and gave him a prominent forum to further express his views! And in terms of his pro-civil unions stance: He continually justifies his support for civil unions rather than full marriage equality by handing over the word "marriage" to the churches. This completely overlooks that (a) what gays are seeking is civil marriage, with the religious component to be an alternate option (just as it is now for heterosexual couples), and (b) that it is downright offensive to suggest that gay couples should have to take an alternate course to obtain a more confusing version of equality!

So it's weird. In many ways, we actually believe Obama more when he makes his pro-gay opinions known than we believe any of the other Dem candidates. He also comes across like a genuinely decent guy. But the only problem: He keeps going and breaking our little gay hearts by stopping short of doing the right thing. Many of us have seen him as the candidate who is unafraid to stand on principle. Now we're left the uneasy feeling that we would once again get exploited and/or thrown under the bus by putting our support behind an Obama-headed ticket. And it's going to take much more than promising pro-gay words to convince us that he'd ever leap into unapologetic pro-gay action.

Obama is asked about Donnie McClurkin [YouTube]

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Your thoughts

MR.Obama,does'nt seem to beleive according to the Holy Inspired scriptures.First I must say the forefathers built this nation based upon OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.This antichrist belief is rapidly taking America down quickly. This open abomination of the acceptance of homosexual marriages and the open shameful behavior of same sex genders parading around before our children,as if this is appropriate.These acts not only confuse the children, but it aso feeds into the lack of self contol.We can take responseibilty for our choices as free willed agents.I absolutely vote no for Obama. This man is of demonic influence.

Posted by: AJUAN THOMAS | Nov 18, 2007 6:43:38 AM

HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG!It is absolutely immoral and an unholy act. This should never be permitted ever! America has hit rock bottom with it's open defiance towards our savior.Jesus is coming back,people have choosen to rebel and lead immoral wicked lives.Noone seems to be concerned anymore about rightousness.Someday this world will regret living like pigs and filthy harlots!Lusting after strange flesh intoxicated from their own stinking sin.You ignorant people are bringing Gods' judgement upon this sin sick world.May God have mercy our souls!

Posted by: | Nov 18, 2007 7:00:58 AM

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