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Focus: CA students underperforming? BLAME THE GAYS!!!!

by Jeremy Hooper

Want another example of just how willing Focus on the Family is to deceive their readers? Well, check out this passage from a new CitizenLink report:

Homosexual Agenda Wastes California Education Resources

California lawmakers are pushing pro-gay education policies in a state with some of the nation's worst academic achievers, according to UCLA research.

“Just look at the facts: California leads the nation in efforts right now to promote homosexuality in public schools," said Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action. "That’s an outrage when you consider that taxpayers are spending $67 billion a year to educate California public school students.”

So go back and look at that first line (after the headline). Totally makes it sound like there is recent UCLA research that weights in on the "pro-gay education policies" of California schools, right? Only problem? The research which Focus is using as the basis for this piece, The 2007 California Educational Opportunity Report, has absolutely nothing to do with LGBT acceptance. It instead speaks on general student outcomes and fundamental learning conditions, with a specific focus on the racial achievement gap in education. The study makes not even the slightest correlation between the so-called "homosexual agenda" and student success, primarily because to do so is COMPLETELY NUTS! But to lend their piece credence, Focus has injected their own biases to come up with their own ideas of what does and does not contribute to academic underperformance.

Folks like Focus on the Family are understandably threatened by any attempt to level the playing field for LGBT people. Such is counterproductive to their cause. However, it is beyond baseless for them to assert that working to foster an environment of tolerance is in anyway a waste of resources. As mentioned, the research to which they refer makes a specific mention of the racial opportunity gap in CA schools. So looking at that particular aspect: Do you think Focus would oppose measures that are meant to ensure the well-being of African-American students? No, hopefully not. So why do they consider it a "waste" when the protections are geared toward LGBT students, a sect that suffers some of the cruelest bullying of any?! Do they not consider that maybe, just maybe, such bullying might have a teensy weensy affect on gay kids' performance? Or is it just that their own agenda of keeping gay people stigmatized under the guise of "family promotion" is of far more importance to this organization than is protecting actual human lives?

No need to answer.

Homosexual Agenda Wastes California Education Resources [FOF CitizenLink]

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Posted by: EvilPoet | Nov 27, 2007 10:21:11 AM

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