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Mohler mulls progression, finds it too progressive

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 3-86Responding to an article on gay teens and gay acceptance that recently appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Albert Mohler says the following:

"[The Boston Globe writer] makes the significant observation that the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts has meant that this generation of Massachusetts teenagers simply assumes that homosexual unions are normal. This should come as no surprise, for some leading homosexual activists have long argued that this is indeed the main point behind the push for same-sex marriage."

Which to us is just yet another example of just how much our opposition misses the point on the marriage equality issue. For there is virtually no gay activist alive who argues that the main point behind the push for marriage is to increase the appearance of normalcy. What we are instead saying is that we are DEMANDING marriage because our lives and loves ALREADY ARE NORMAL. True, most of us feel that in achieving this important step, subsequent generations will more and more see gay couples as merely part of the spectrum of normalcy. But it's not some ruse that we're trying to put over on the American public. It is us trying to cut through the unfair and discriminatory rhetoric that has propagated our "abnormalcy" for so many generations!

Mohler does give lip service to this idea in another part of his blog post, wherein he says:

"The elites have decided that this is what all the rest of us are missing -- that homosexuality is normal (even among teenagers) and our concern should thus be to make sure that gay teenagers are safe, happy, and healthy."

But to what elites, exactly, is he referring? Those "spoiled, radical liberals" who acknowledge that gay people do, in fact, exist, and do, in fact, pay taxes and contribute to American society as much as anyone else?! Because we've never considered those people to be the elites. It is those who say that their exclusive Heaven-bound train doesn't have room for gay people who seem far more elitist to us!

It's not surprising that folks like Mr. Mohler are perturbed by what they see happening to society, as progression is the Achilles heel of their movement. But a much simpler way for them to deal with this inevitable change would be to start looking at the world around them and seeing it for what it is rather than what they feel a book tells them it should be. We all have been given the capacity for complex analysis, and one would presume that any creator would want us to use that to explore the realities of our realm. Maybe if they would start looking at our normalcy rather than making wild assertions about our "motives" and "agendas," they would see that the main point of our marriage campaigns is love. And the main point of our life campaigns is a world in which all are free to live their truths without fear or persecution. It is not a coincidence that when the former campaign succeeds, the latter follows suit. Positive change most always begets positive results.

Never in the Closet . . . The New Face of Homosexuality [Albert Mohler blog]

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Your thoughts

Mohler: "The elites have decided that this is what all the rest of us are missing -- that homosexuality is normal (even among teenagers)"

Why this mention of "even among teenagers"?! Mohler must believe that either:
(A) Unlike for straight people, sexuality doesn't develop for gay people until they're in their 20's
(B) That he can still play his old, well-worn "gay=pedophile/pedarast" card one more time by subtly implying a sinister motive within the "homosexual community" for trying to "normalize" homosexual unions in the minds of teenagers.

Posted by: GayMormonBoy | Nov 20, 2007 4:51:27 PM

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