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Writing with a Flawedpoint Penna

by Jeremy Hooper

Imageserverdb-1In a new column for Baptist Press, our ol' pal Penna Dexter makes many of the same anti-hate crimes legislation and anti-ENDA arguments that we've seen buttloads of social conservatives make for the past many months. For example, the flawed idea that either measure would stifle religious freedom -- Penna pleads her case. The convenient yet completely baseless theory that homosexuality is both a "choice" and a "sin" -- she works that argument for all it's worth (which isn't much). The notion that neither gay-centric crimes of bias nor gay-centric job discrimination are actual problems in this nation -- Penna tries to sell that tired talking point with all of her might. In fact, for the most part, there is very little to discuss in Penna's commentary because it is just more of the same from the broken record that is the "pro-family" movement.

However, we did find a few nuggets that we felt worthy of discussion. Like this one, for instance:

"...the inclusion of transgenders in the debate reveals a fatal flaw in the civil rights argument, injecting a gender fluidity that refutes the idea of a hard-wired sexual orientation that can't be changed. It also injects a "bizarre factor" into a quest that actually was gaining acceptance. Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio found that 77 percent of Republicans don't think businesses should have the right to fire someone based on their sexual orientation. Still, President Bush promised a veto based upon very real threats to the religious freedom of employers."

Uhm, how exactly does one's gender identity reveal ANYTHING about the malleability of their sexual orientation? Well, in actual world, it doesn't. Those of us on that place of reality know that sexual orientation and gender identity are separate concepts, with varying orientations existing within every identity. Yet in Penna's "pro-family world -- which seems to operate on a plane somewhere between "My views have been clouded by listening only to my own choir for so long"-ville and "I know what I'm saying is bullsh*t, but it's the way my side fights this culture war"-land -- the idea that one's body and their mind might not be in proper alignment at birth is a "bizarre" concept that they know they can use to confuse their readers. And most galling is how Penna, who makes her feelings about the transgender community known in both this passage and others in her piece, not only tries to use the transgenders to refute a bio-genetic gay link, but also to paint the picture that the T community is some sort of crippling Achilles heel that is holding back the gay rights movement. Sorry, Penna, but while you might find this vibrant community to be "bizarre," we find them to be a glorious yet cruelly victimized sect that has suffered even more harshly at the hands of queer rights opponents than have most in the LGB spectrum! And we support them not because of political strategy, but rather because WE SUPPORT THEM AS HUMANS!

Another passage worth looking at:

Most homosexual activists who say they only want "equality" won't even realize the havoc their "gains" have wrought on the culture. The homosexual advocacy groups will declare victory, but not contentment. Their declaration of their "second class" status will only grow stronger as it did in Vermont, when civil unions were established. Demands for new protections, other affirmations, even celebrations of perversion will take the country all the way to redefining marriage if we let it.

Hmm..you know why we won't notice the "havoc [our] "gains" have wrought on the culture."? Because we live in America, not within the delusions that keep "pro-family" Americans awake at night!! Those of us in the gay community have seen our lives and loves blamed for everything from marriage destruction to leg warmers, while we've seen folks who stand in opposition to our rights foster and directly cause destruction to innocent lives, the environment, the Constitution, and numerous other aspects of society. We have seen our existences used as scapegoats, because having such a whipping queer is just easier for those who who need as easy blame to lay blame. And because we are a smaller group and have had to fight such mind-numbingly enraging misinformation and persecution, the "pro-family" types have gotten away with laying blame at our feet for most of modern history. But Penna Dexter and Co. realize that is changing, so they're ramping up their attacks to the highest degree. It's the last fiery gasps of a dying movement.

As for our "demands" -- Well, Penna is absolutely right that will keep up until we are full and equal. Unapologetically so. However, our endgame is not now nor has it ever been to "redefine marriage." And it hasn't been to make even one Baptist's life even the slightest bit more difficult. It has simply been to wrestle the definition of marriage from those who think we are the only civilization that has ever or will ever exist, and that our modern man-woman in a loving marriage definition is the only one that has ever or will ever be acceptable. The truth is that marriage HAS changed through time, and many historical missteps have been corrected throughout the world's narrative. And we are not asking for it to change in order to accommodate our true and demonstrable love. We are demanding!

But keep challenging us, Penna. We always enjoy "dexterously penning" a refutation of your fallacies.

Never enough [BP News]

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Not all Pennas are moe haters.

Posted by: Franc | Nov 15, 2007 8:13:39 PM

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