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Truth: Saying it's in your arsenal doesn't make it so

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 27-6In an end of the year plea for funds that he's just posted to his Americans For Truth site, Peter LaBarbera sums up the gay vs. anti-gay battle like so:

They have the power, the money and the influence.

We have the Truth.

They have Hollywood and the media.

We have the Truth.

They have the schools, the universities, the professional organizations, the corporate “diversity” programs.

We have the Truth. And the simple truth is that homosexual behavior is always wrong, but it can be overcome — like any sin — in a person’s life through the power of the Christ of Christmas, who came not to “condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.” (John 3:17)

You know what? I wouldn’t give up God’s Truth for all the power and money in the world.

Oh my. ::sigh:: Okay, first off -- The idea that our side has the "money, power, and influence" is just laughable. Perhaps in comparison with Pete's own group, our organizations are well-connected and well-financed. However, groups like Focus on the Family have revenue in the NINE DIGIT RANGE (compared to the seven digit range of groups like HRC). And under the current administration, the "pro-family" groups have had more political connections than any other time in history.

So that's not the truth.

Next up: Hollywood and the media are hardly "pro-gay." That is one of the most widely recited myths around, but it is far from entirely accurate. If it were, we would not see so many actors and media people closeting themselves do to studio/network pressure, and we would see gay films being churned out by the major studios at a heightened degree. We are not. Both openly gay actors and unapologetically gay pictures with big budgets are few and far between.

What Hollywood and the media typically are, however, is NOT ANTI-GAY. At least not overtly. And that is why to people like Peter, it seems like these two arenas are just filled with "gay agendas." Because what he really wants is a world wherein wacky ideas like "gays can change" are given the same credence as the considerable evidence that they cannot. And he wants hostility shown towards the millions of gay people who realistically exist. Most people in ANY sort of business reject Peter's goals, and so they are painted as "pro-gay." Their embrace of common sense is seen as activism, and their acceptance of the world they have been given is painted as bias.

So he's not being truthful there.

As for places like schools, universities, and professional groups -- well, isn't it interesting that places of higher education and the highly educated tend to be filled with more gay acceptance? And isn't it telling that the most successful companies tend to embrace diversity within their ranks?

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We really don't need to say more about that particular "truth."

And finally, the "truth" that homosexuality can be "overcome." Do folks like Peter think this is one of those lies that if they keep telling it long enough, it'll start to resemble truth? Well of course they do! That's why they totally shut off the part of their brains that allow would them to cull their world views from society's actual inhabitants, and opt instead to use the portion that tells them to use the "ex-gay" idea, as it will best help them with their whole "love the sinner, hate the sin" thing. But even if you suspect that there might be a degree of veracity to the "ex-gay" concept, it is just INSANITY to call it "truth." At best, it is an anecdotal notion that goes against millions of personal experiences and a whole slew of easily observable shared "gay traits" that exist within the LGBT sect. And their staunch support for the "change" idea when there is SO MUCH ROOM FOR DOUBT is extremely telling!!

So that whole idea isn't even on the same planet as truth!!

Pete claims that his version of God's truth is the only acceptable one, and that anyone who disagrees is simply corrupted by pervasive gay/liberal forces. And it is that sort of wiggle room-less, one-sided, narrow outlook that has (a) led to so much unnecessary strife for LGBT problem (b) corrupted the ideas of religious freedom and respect for other's faith views, (c) promoted discrimination over love and understanding, and (d) poisoned the well of knowledge for all who debate LGBT issues. We can only get so far in this country when we have one large and powerful sect who will stick their fingers in their ears and say "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na" to prevent any of the sensible rationalizations from seeping through.

THAT is the truth!

Is Nancy Pelosi Right? Can God ‘Bless’ America with Homosexual Activism? [AFT]

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Your thoughts

Oh, Pete.

You think that "the power of the Christ of Christmas" can cause people to overcome their homosexuality.

But "the Christ of Christmas" was the baby Jesus lying in the manger. His first miracle was still thirty years in the future.

But I guess that does explain why ex-gays struggle for decade after decade after decade and still never get rid of those pesky same-sex attraction.

Posted by: Timothy | Dec 20, 2007 6:52:02 PM

Honestly, I don't give a damn about what other people do with their lives. In my church, we were taught to greet and respect people--all people. Whether they were right or wrong. If living and loving can be wrong from a Christian viewpoint. I just feel that many people miss the point of the word of God. It may be sad, but there's your truth.

Posted by: Shylah | Aug 21, 2008 6:18:48 PM

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