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Video: Brick walls too receptive, Knox instead chats with Jennings

by Jeremy Hooper

You have to respect any gay person who's willing to step in front of an audience that's so clearly closed off to any further conversation on the subject of homosexuality and try and make a case for non-peresecution. When Harry Knox (formerly of Freedom to Marry and currently with HRC) agreed to speak to Gino Jennings and his congregation of First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ back in 2004, he voluntarily stepped into hostile territory to try and open some hearts and minds. Show him some respect:

It's so disturbing how smug our religious opponents tend to be in terms of this subject. It's as if Jennings has his script already in his head, and Knox might as well be saying, "Yabba, Yabba, Schmabba, Dabba," as his words are falling on deaf ears anyway. Whereas Mr. Knox speaks with a soft voice and reasons, Jennings essentially spits all of his words directly into Knox's face, with each syllable dripping in snark and attitude. Jennings' condescending words give his audience permission to close off the thoughtful portions of minds and instead open up the much more easily utilized portions that control mindless judgment.

It all plays right along the lines of what Knox says in this clip, about how our opponents have always taken such self-approving pleasure in the power that their majority yields, and about how gay people have never in history had the opportunity to have their lives and ideas accurately represented in the face of such oppression/suppression. Just as same-sex loving individuals in Biblical times did not have a fair and balanced platform to challenge the attacks of the day, queers today are still dealing with the world in which they have to jump through fiery hoops while standing on their heads in order to justify their existences, while heteros merely have to exist. It's an unfair outlook that we find hurtful not only to us mortals, but also to any supreme being who gave us such diverse human conditions and complex capacities for thought.

Gino Jennings discussion with Harry Knox #670 part 4 [YouTube]

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Your thoughts

You make a commnet about even in Biblical times gay people going through some type of opression from God?

So the bible is anti homosexual... True

But lets tape into what the bible has said to hetersexual people....

Thou shall not commit adultery ......
Thou shall not commit fonication.....

So should fornicators and adulteres come together and say the world is anti Adultery.... So should a husband tell his wife, I was born an adultery and this is who God made me?

What pleasure would Pastor Jennings (a man married to a woman)have in telling this brother that by the Scriptures GOD IS AGAINST HE ACT OF HOMOSEXUALITY....\

Pastor Jennings also in a fiery voice tells Heterosexuals that you will burn in hell for Adutlery and Forniction which is rampant in our society today.

Homosexuality is a sin based on what Jesus Christ says. God did not make man to lay with a man to produce a child.

Now you have a woman who was born a woman who chopped off her breast and now people are saying she is a Man having a Child. THat is a lie, she was born a woman, is a woman and wants to be a man but also bare children.....

Many heterosexuals say man isnt made to be with just one woman, that is a lie according the word of GOd and so if you read the bible God is even strict with us heterosexuals.

God has law as well as men.

As far as Harry Knox "soft" voice as you put vs. Pastor Jennings loud voice.... You may or may not believe in God, but if you do Heaven and HEll are real and homosexuals, fornicator as well as adulters will go to hell and BURN. Hell is not a soft place, why should the word of God be... Read revelations when they talk about the Alpha and Omega.... Jesus Christ... is tongue is a double edge sword and he spits fire from his mouth........... Live as you want wether you are homosexualy, fornicator, or adultery but once you seated in Judgement you will be cursing God all the way to hell and you can have a fiery existence as a Homosexuals and dwell with Satan, his angels as well as your arch enemy the heterosexual adulter and fornicator...

God Bless


Posted by: Bobby | Apr 13, 2008 4:30:12 PM

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