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At what cost equality?

by Jeremy Hooper

Priceequal_4 Attention those who are pushing for anti-gay amendments: We on the side of TRUE righteousness and TRUE values are going to do all we can to prevent and/or overturn these undignified measures.  Cash will come in from all over.  People from other states will join another's fight.  Resources will come from varied places, as our organized movement tries to prevent yet another discriminatory historical misstep from becoming law.

We say this after seeing the following passage on the AFA's One News Now site.  The topic being discussed is an amendment that could ban marriage equality in Pennsylvania:

Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, says pro-homosexual forces will rally against any effort to protect traditional marriage. "I would be surprised if they're not getting outside funding for their campaign against the marriage protection amendment," she says.

According to Gramley, homosexual organizations in other states have received help from the Human Rights Campaign in order to fight traditional marriage amendments. Consequently, she says, the pro-homosexual forces may be better organized in her state this time around.

200801291252But here's the thing, "pro-family" opposition: You should be concerned far less with HOW we will finance our campaigns, and more with WHY YOU ARE FORCING US TO DO SO IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!  Both sides require money.  Both sides require a village of people.  Both sides require organization and support.  And in fact, there is no debate that the anti-gay marriage side is FAR MORE financed than our own.  So it's more than a little ridiculous to to even bring up the fact that our side will employ all means to keep individual states from f***ing with our equality.  It goes both ways.

But getting back to the "why" of the matter: What we need to be talking about is why there exists a group of American citizens who are forcing other taxpayers to waste their money, time, and mental capital on this RIDICULOUS fight.  We have a shitload of problems plaguing this country and world, and yet the inability of certain Americans to deal with the idea of two ladies or dudes exchanging wedding rings has us squandering precious resources on what should be a non-issue.  It's a battle that will inevitably go in favor of progression, but the 'mo foes refuse to accept that.  So they attack our lives and loves -- and yes, it is an attack, no matter what they say -- forcing even those who have no desire to get married to rise up and combat the freedom-thwarting constitutional bastardizations at hand. 

We are the environment, and they are the gas-guzzling SUVs that are polluting it.  We are the peace, they are unjust war.  We are the raised level of consciousness, and they are the aggressive unenlightenment.  If we want to talk about resources and how they are pooled, let's talk about the TRUE costs that this needless fight has wrought upon society.  That is the debt that will take us all decades to repay!

Traditional marriage under fire in Penn.

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Whew! Blistering piece ... loved it.

Posted by: Shane | Jan 29, 2008 1:54:26 PM

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