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Christians: Be the salt, light, and aggressive closet cleaners

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 6-107Have you heard the one about the homophobic female choir member of Washington DC's Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church who outed over 100 of her fellow church members? While that may sound like the setup for a joke, it's sadly not. In a series of emails to her pastor, Bishop Alfred Owens, an unnamed, queer-hostile female choir member recently took it upon herself to make claims about the sexualities of 107 of her fellow congregants. And if that weren't enough judgmental stone-casting and meddling, she then proceeded to post the information to a Yahoo! list group that goes to more than 300 church members! Pam has more of the dirty details:

Ugliness in DC black Baptist church - outing email campaign by homophobic choir member [PHB]

So what sort of mentality could have prompted this lady to do such a thing? Well, listen to this 2006 speech from Bishop Owens for reasons to believe that what he is running at Greater Mount Calvary is less of an inclusive church service and more of a gay witch hunt:

It's also being reported that Owens responded to the email outing by trying to convince the newly-revealed gays that they could change who they are through the power of prayer. So at this point, the real question should be: WHY WERE 100+ GAYS PUTTING UP WITH THIS CRAP ANYWAY!??!

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Your thoughts

And this is one of the reasons I am ashamed to be part of the human race. I am gay and damm proud of that fact.
I am a productive member of society and wont be changing during this life time

Posted by: Raven | Jan 31, 2008 12:38:44 PM

Nor should you, raven.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jan 31, 2008 12:43:58 PM

DL Foster reported on this recently (with an obviously different spin that you). In reading some of his reporting, it became clear that the woman who blasted all these people from the closet was just mad because she was in the choir to find a guy to marry. Apparently getting rejected for another dude was just too much for her weak constitution so, she put everyone on blast. I read what she wrote to the pastor and it's right there. To those who say she was just house-cleaning, I disagree. I think the Pastor fostered an atmosphere where she could wrap her jealousy in righteous-indignation...but still, people should be clear...she was jealous.


Posted by: Jonathan | Jan 31, 2008 3:01:13 PM

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