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Paglia: Pete likes her writing, not what she does with hands at other times

by Jeremy Hooper

200801290914-1Peter LaBarbera has decided to post a decade-old piece that was written by out lesbian Camille Paglia, because he feels that the iconoclastic writer's words give credence to his own "pro-family" ways. However, before daring to link to someone who identifies to a lesbian, Pete first gives this offensive caveat:

This is an oldie but a goodie from the brilliant, politically incorrect (lesbian) feminist Camille Paglia, from her 1998 online Salon Q&A column “Ask Camille.” Now, before you think we’ve sold our conservative souls and are ready to join the Wayne Besen Homosexual Hysteria Club so we can start smearing ex-gays, ridiculing common sense, and destroying traditional marriage – no, we are not sanctioning lesbianism by posting this piece. (Personally, my hope would be that Paglia would outgrow lesbianism, but that’s another essay.) She just makes some refreshing observations that, frankly, we wish more traditionalists would make. (And Paglia has always opposed the Gay Left’s totalitarian impulse by defending the free speech righs of opponents of homosexuality.)

Alright, first off -- "The Wayne Besen Homosexual Hysteria Club"? Personally, we don't remember ever appointing Wayne our ringleader. And we also wouldn't classify our side, which by and large just wants to be free to live their lives with fully equality and fairness, as the hysterical ones in this so-called "culture war."

As for "smearing ex-gays" -- well, that's certainly not how we would put it. In terms of "ex-gays," every gay activist we know works from a place of total compassion for the "ex-gay" person. True compassion. The sort of compassion that tells them they are fine living their truths, rather than the conference and therapy-concocted fantasy that has been cleverly crafted by politically opportunistic religious extremism.

In terms of common sense: Call us biased, but we think that those of us who push for church & state separation, respect for the constitutional freedoms and liberties of all, scientific teaching, the recognition of actual medical scientists and groups above those that operate within the "pro-family" circles, and humane treatment are less into "ridiculing common sense," and more into emboldening the concept. But again -- we may be biased, since we never signed up for any sort of large organization or body that would tell us how to form our thoughts, instead relying on the mind that was instilled into our beings.

Moving on to "destroying traditional marriage": Well, that sort of goes hand-in-hand with the common sense one, doesn't it? Because let's pretend we're all adults for a second and rationally think about the whole "marriage destruction" concept. If you really stop and think about, it's kind of batsh*t crazy. We have grown adults who are actually suggesting that if two dudes or chicas get hitched, the heterosexuals down the road are going to somehow see their own unions threatened. And they don't waver from that script even a little bit. It's a ridiculous meme that our opposition, in the most group-think of fashions, embraces with a fury. That would seem to suggest to us that if any group has more readily created a "hysteria club," it's those who use fear-mongery crystal balls to support their every socio-politcal action.

Lastly, we want to address the idea that ms. Paglia is somehow and anomaly because she defends free speech for gay opponents. This is a complete and utter red herring! If any group can be generalized as being staunch free speech supporters, it is the pro-gay rights side! Hell, a large number of us have stood up for the rights of Westboro Baptist Church to preach against us on this nation's street corners (with openly gay Congressman Barney Frank one of the only U.S. Reps to come out against a law to limit their protests). Few on our side want to stifle speech, despite what folks like Pete want to claim. We encourage public institutions and businesses to foster a climate of queer acceptance. Unapologetically. However, when it comes to the government placing limits of speech (which, despite pop culture bastardization, is what "free speech" entails), you are much more likely to see gays "fighting to the death for your right to say it" than you are evangelicals!

Pete: By all means link to Ms. Paglia. But dearest, there is no reason why you have to go to such lengths to demonize us in the process.

Lesbian Camille Paglia Makes Sense on Harm of ‘Gay’ Promotion to Youth [AFT]

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Your thoughts

Pete sounds like the hysterical one - guess he hasn't filmed any man-on-man action lately, he must need his dick fix.

Posted by: Scott | Jan 29, 2008 10:30:08 AM

How can one outgrow lesbianism exactly.....

Posted by: IanC | Jan 29, 2008 11:52:33 AM

Notice how he won't EVER call gay men "gay", we are always "homosexuals" but he seems to have no problem with calling homosexual women "lesbians".

Like most men, his issue isn't with homosexuals, it's only with homosexual MEN.

With gay men it's all hell fire and brimstone but with lesbians he just "hopes they'll grow out of it some day".

What a douche bag!

Posted by: Zeke | Jan 29, 2008 3:43:06 PM

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