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Pete peeps former Veep; pats self on back for '00 vote

by Jeremy Hooper

200801281543You know that video in which Al Gore, queer-centric consciousness seemingly raised, takes a bold stand for marriage equality? Well Peter LaBarbera, mind seemingly shut off to any ideas other than his own, has responded to it via the American Family Association's One News Now site. Here are some choice quotes from that article (in red) followed by our running commentary:

"It's not just how it affects my marriage," ... "First of all, it's whether it's right or wrong."

Couldn't agree more, Pete. And fortunately for gays, the granting of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in a fair and equitable way is the non-debatably right choice.

"I would have more respect for Al Gore if he announced, 'I'm leaving my Christian faith and I'm embracing homosexual marriage' -- because then, at least, he would be consistent," ... "But you don't support marriage between men; that runs against all of human history up to these last few years .... It's just a sad day."

Hey, Pete: You don't hold ownership to the one true Biblical interpretation! And while two dudes getting hitched may be a concept that runs contrary to your personal religious views, it certainly is not at odds with many others' faith views. What's disturbing is how your side (a) tries to make gay rights look like an automatic Christianity deal breaker, and (b) tries to use those myopic religious interpretations to govern a church-separated, non-theocratic nation!

As for the idea that marriage has always been one certain thing for all of human history, we only have to say: Dowries. Levirate marriage. Anti-miscegenation laws. We have adapted and changed many customs for the better over time!

"We've been saying this for years, and we knew the day was coming when the liberals would make their move from domestic partnership and civil unions to outright homosexual so-called 'marriage,'" ... "We knew the sellout was coming, because the distance between embracing homosexual relationships and not embracing them -- as opposed to going from civil unions to gay marriage -- is much bigger."

"In other words ... once you make the jump in saying that the state should endorse and sanction and bless homosexual relationships, that's the big jump," ... "Once you've crossed that hurdle, these other things are not as big."

Have we been hiding our marriage desires? Because sorry if we have. Here, let us lay it out there: We want marriage. Full and equal marriage. Same certificate. Same rights. Same open bar. Not lesser than. And while we've recognized and accepted that interim steps are sometimes necessary, we have never hid the fact that we want all the rights that we deserve. So please, Pete, at least be courteous enough to not try and make it sound as if our search for the full enchilada was part of some secret agenda. We placed our order years ago, it's just that it's only seemed promisingly attainable in years of recent.

Pete: Al's stand is so clearly the one that future civilizations will look back on as righteous. The sooner folks like yourself realize that, the sooner we will all be able to move on and focus on actual societal problems!

Al Gore backs homosexual 'marriage' [ONN]

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Your thoughts

As a Homosexual man I use to think that domestic partnerships and civil unions were comparable compromise to marriage mainly because marriage had to much "religious" baggage for my taste.

But the more I learn about the concept of marriage I've come to realize that I & all GLBT people deserve full and equal marriage.

I just hope I live to see the day all GLBT marriages are recognized in all 50 states!

Posted by: Alonzo | Jan 28, 2008 4:10:45 PM

Why is Pee-ter even talking about his "marriage" in the first place? He's allegedly married, yet is having an affair with his obsession of homosex, piss, bondage, leather, and personally filming men in the act. I'd say his love for man-on-man action trumps that wedding ring, every day of his life.

Posted by: Scott | Jan 28, 2008 5:16:48 PM

La Barbera is a typical asshat. Marriage is above all a civil union. But you are correct, marriage has morphed several times in the past few thousand years.

Let us not forget that divorce isn't the sin it once was. I'm pretty sure La Barbera would want to make it so again because he's just that type of idiot.

Posted by: Tony P | Jan 28, 2008 5:31:30 PM

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