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Video: Replying to Tom's foolery

by Jeremy Hooper

Here is another video from Focus on the Family's South Carolina primary coverage, this one focusing on the social conservatives' harbinger of all things evil: Hillary Clinton. Check it out:

Oh, Tom, you silly. Hillary's been vocal in her opposition to a federal marriage ban mainly because it is the legislative equivalent of cow dung. And she, not wanting her legacy attached to the sort of noxious bias that future generations will look back on with great shame, has made no bones about lashing out against it. And not just at the Logo forum, Tom. She's been against the ban in every setting. And why, Tom? Well, because while those of you who've been pushing to change the nation's most precious governing document so that it explicitly bans gay people might be truly decent people, you have been embracing a very indecent concept. And Tom, you all DESERVE to hear that you've basically been exploited by the Bush administration and other politicians who wanted to get you to the polls by using gays as an issue, but that you were offensively wrong-headed to even want such a cruel measure in the first place! After all the stones you've thrown at gay lives and loves, we're sure you'll understand the scrutiny.

Also, Tom -- just because you all say your anti-gay attempts have been to "protect marriage" and encourage family stability, it doesn't make it so, buddy. We've had a president who's been willing to entertain your myopic notions of what constitutes family and morality for more than seven years now. And where is this nation? Lodged more deeply in the shitter both at home and abroad than we have been in any of our lifetimes! While it is our great hope that candidates like Hillary and Barack will come around even further and do what is truly right in terms of marriage equality (i.e. help protect a minority from the tyranny of a majority), we are at least encouraged by their ability to pinpoint the blanket of flawed policies that have been draped over this highly-polarized nation, masking its true greatness! The push for a federal marriage ban is just one cog in the flawed machine, but it has been a highly visible one. And it will be connected for all of time with this dark historical period on which the next president will be forced to perform damage control. So while you, Tom, surely view things like standing up for gays as aspects worthy of condemnation, we remain confident that the American public will choose to head towards error correction rather than towards the sort of candidate who very well might create more and worse!

FOF's Tom Minnery discusses Hillary [YouTube]

***Complete FOF videos can be viewed here: Focus Action Webcasts

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Your thoughts

Video: "No one is asking these questions of her [about a federal marriage amendment and Don't Ask, Don't Tell.]"

Of course they aren't. Are they asking Huckabee if he is pro-life?

She isn't being asked because:
A)Her opinions are widely known and
B)Most Democrats agree, in a general sense, with her opinions on these issues.

Posted by: GayMormonBoy | Jan 22, 2008 8:56:08 PM

Just wait until (or if) she gets the nomination. These reactionary republicans hate her with such hate that Jerry Falwell said not even Satan as the democratic nominee could bring evangelicals out to the polls like Hillary would.

They are foaming at the mouth for her to be the nominee and if she is we haven't seen anything yet with what is about to be unleashed.

Posted by: Jon-Marc | Jan 23, 2008 8:11:07 AM

Well sexism mixed with anti-liberal sentiment is a volatile mix.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jan 23, 2008 8:16:06 AM

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