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Video: Get socks at the Gap, dogma on the sidewalk

by Jeremy Hooper

"Hitler is what me and you are without God's grace."

For the above brilliance and more, watch this ridiculous video:

Street preaching: where reason and dialogue so often go to die (and be condemned to hell when they do).

Brett preaching on holllywood Blvd [YouTube]

**Oh, and as for the "caring about the green light" vs "caring about your soul in terms of religion"  metaphor: Yea, that might be an accurate juxtaposition, if instead of a scientific circuit board that methodically displays the colored images that we as a society have accepted to represent proper times of movement, the traffic lights were instead filled with one-sided, multi-translated, somewhat contradictory commandments and doctrines.  For you see, Brett the self-professed sidewalk prophet -- while faith certainly plays a large role in all modern societies, the desire for ordered communities, a hankering to live out one's natural life, and a concern for one's soul are not concepts that are innately attached to religion.  In fact, one might argue that this sort of closed-off and aggressive faith-foisting are detaching religion from both humanity and spirituality, not vice versa.

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Your thoughts

Yup, we have two bible thumping screamers every day at the famed cable car turnaround where tourists line up in the hundreds being screamed at ..... one a pooh-butt with a mega-phone trying to create enough morons to vote him into being a Baptist preacher (with his blond girls next door harem passing out glossy leaflets to children) and the second, an elderly man with a massive board listing every sex act known to man that he says we all sin doing whether married or not if we aren't breeding.

That of course is screamed in front of the GAP store and under office buildings who are stuck listening to these two day-after-day, hour-after-hour which, I confess, my pacifism was sorely tested when mega-phone pooh butt blasted his sickness in my ear while dodging through a throng . . . . I punched the mega-phone which in turn gave him a bloody lip and mouth.....I received applause and thanks in several languages by tourists stuck in the cable car line.

Posted by: Begonia Buzzkill | Feb 1, 2008 4:46:08 PM

Eddie Said:
NAH - you will be joing Jerry Falwell in hell along with Fred Phelps, Pat Robertson and George Walker Bush - you all deserve the punishment that you advocate.

Brett Said:
We all deserve hell, including yourself. If we have violated Gods law we deserve hell (Gods place of Punishment) Gods is good therefore he must judge evil ALL evil. None of us would call a judge good who looks the other way when he has a criminal in front of him who is guilty. I guess you mention the guys above because they call themselves Christians, I don’t know anyone’s heart but Gods word says ALL of us deserve His wrath and anger. There are many hypocrites (pretenders)and if you and I can spot them out surely God can spot them. He will send hypocrites to hell. By the way Fred Phelps is not a Christian! (I can Judge by his fruit and what comes out of his mouth) In my video you can hear me include myself, (¬I am no better than you ) We are all guilty!

Eddie Said:
As for me - I will continue fighting for my rights, marital equality and to tax ALL religious groups.
I am tired for paying for serives you spit on (fire, police, etc)
I am not sure what this means, I don’t spit on anyone, I pay taxes as well.
I know all of these things are important to you, All I am trying to do is give people a fighting chance at forgiveness, If God is good every sin must be punished.
Burn in hell!

Brett Said:
I defiantly deserve hell, but I know you do as well. If you have lied even once, stolen anything, doesn’t matter the value, have you ever looked anyone with lust? Please listen to your conscience Eddie, God placed it in you for a reason.

Eddie Said:
I won't - well becuase quite frankly, I just don't buy the bullshit.

Brett Said:
Just because you say you don’t believe in hell does not mean it doesn’t exist.
You owe it to your kid to make sure of the truth, because kids look up to their fathers and they will follow them wherever they go. My son is in the video next to the sign I love him dearly, I know you must love yours as well.

God bless you Eddie,

Posted by: Brett | Feb 3, 2008 2:37:51 AM

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