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Is it 'Breakaway' or 'Break-a-gay'?

by Jeremy Hooper

EtaIf forced to choose one of the most unappealing traits of our organized opposition (which is sort of like choosing your least favorite kid), we'd probably have to go with the amount of aggressive certainty in which they shroud all of their campaigns of misinformation. They will overlook teeny little bits of information like the fact that their "gays can change" logic has NO SUPPORT from any credible, non-biased body of science, and instead profess their own non-empirical views on sexuality as infallible "truth." Not even theory or belief, but concrete, absolute, honest to God (literally) "truth".

Well, this is exactly what PageOneQ has discovered Focus on the Family doing in their latest issue of Breakaway Magazine. In that publication, the organization has given "ex-gay" activist Mike Haley a platform to espouse his sheer certainty on the topic of gays and their ability to morph their desires into something resembling heterosexuality. And even though you can shake a stick the size of the Midwest and not hit an actual, self-described "ex-gay" (especially one that doesn't work for one of the "ex-gay" organizations), Haley and FOF have been so bold as to title their piece: "Clearing Up The Confusion: Why Homosexuality is NOT Part of God's Plan." Go to P1Q for more:

Right wing magazine 'clears up confusion' on gays [P1Q]

We would ask of Haley and FOF if it would kill them to at least give lip service to the other side and other possibilities in an objective way. But you know what? Yes, it would! Allowing outside thought and credible science into the picture would destroy their movement, which is exactly why they have set up a firewall between their version of the truth and the reality of the world. And it's also why they profess so loudly to hold ownership to veracity. Because if they can't covey a message of lock-solid information, they can convey their shaky message REALLY LOUDLY and hope that a large portion will mistake volume and unwavering commitment with reason and reality.

No matter what sort of compassionate front they put up, this is not a benign movement of people who want to be left alone to make their own life choices (which we 100% support). This is an unscrupulous socio-political movement whose practitioners will stop at nothing to make gays look like sinners in need of a saving. And we gays have no choice but to push back. If not for us, then for those gay kids who truly are confused. Confused about why God made a mistake when putting them together, and why no matter how hard they pray, they still want to smooch their same-gender friends. The "ex-gays" are pushing their version of truth with all of their might, and they show no signs of stopping. But the untold non-fiction drama that is exacerbated by their fictional claims is filled with gay characters who have broken hearts, broken spirits, and sometimes even broken life cycles. We have to speak out!

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